• Papaya Clothing Website Is Live!

    After more than a year of waiting, the Papaya Clothing Store website has finally launched! No more complaining or visiting CultureFeast to post 200+ comments about how much you want to shop at Papaya Online. Go there today at PapayaClothing.com and take advantage of their Really Big Sale where you can get up to 30% […]

  • Missed My Calling: I Should Be a Papaya Clothing Marketer

    I should write about women’s fashion more often. This Papaya Clothing store project is blowing up! On average, CultureFeast gets 60 visitors per day who are looking for information about Papaya clothing stores. There’s a seriously untapped market here. I should start a blog about the most popular women’s clothing stores: Papaya, Forever 21, and […]

  • Papaya Clothing Store Website Still Under Construction

    UPDATE: The Papaya Clothing Website is Now Live!!! To all the women who have left the 300 or so comments on this blog about Papaya Clothing, your action made a difference! The site is now live and you can shop online from anywhere! Finally! The people truly do have a voice. I have received several […]

  • My Day with the Silk Boxers from Hell

    It’s a sure sign I haven’t done laundry. The silk boxers go at the bottom of the drawer, so I don’t have to wear them unless their the last ones. After today, they won’t make it back into the drawer. They’re gone… Banished… Forever. I’m extremely sensitive to heat. Sit in a leather / suede […]

  • Papaya Clothing Store

    I’m not a woman, but if I was I would surely visit Papaya clothing stores on a regular basis. My wife loves it. Their clothes are trendy and affordable. No, really affordable. My wife has been building a collection of basic colors and shirt styles, and she buys some of her shirts for three dollars!!!!!!! […]

  • Public School Says NO to Leggings

    A local Texas school district has ruled that public school girls cannot wear leggings to school under short skirts. Apparently, girls were getting the idea that they could buy shorter skirts and get away with them at school as long as they wore leggings. Interesting concept. Some leggings conceal more than others. Some are obviously […]

  • Dressing for Church

    It occurred to me the other day that I wear different styles of clothing to church based upon my expectation of the service. When I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior ten years ago, I began attending church in a t-shirt and jeans because they were all that I owned. I found that […]

  • The Metrosexual: My Most Popular Post

    Though the compulsion to write flows strongly through these veins, I cannot escape an addiction to math and statistics. I like to crunch numbers for potential scenarios. I like to know how the numbers break down – which blog posts are viewed the most, which search terms lead people to my website the most, etc. […]