• Papaya Clothing Website Is Live!

    After more than a year of waiting, the Papaya Clothing Store website has finally launched! No more complaining or visiting CultureFeast to post 200+ comments about how much you want to shop at Papaya Online.

    Go there today at PapayaClothing.com and take advantage of their Really Big Sale where you can get up to 30% off Papaya clothes online. The wait is over! Shop ’til you drop!

    And feel free to keep visiting me here at CultureFeast. You don’t have to forget me, just because Papaya’s around.


    As of Friday evening, the Papaya website is apparently down again. I don’t consider this to be a false site launch because I’m not seeing the placeholder that was there before. The server simply cannot be found, which may mean that the company’s server was overloaded with traffic upon opening. All types of technical problems are possible. I wouldn’t worry about it. Either they launched the site and changed their minds (which makes no sense) or they’re servers can’t handle the traffic and they’ll need to upgrade.

    Check back here and I’ll update this page as I hear news.

    *** UPDATE 2***

    I just checked the Papaya site (July 31, 2007 11am CST) and it’s back up and running. Go check it out.