I’m not a woman, but if I was I would surely visit Papaya clothing stores on a regular basis. My wife loves it. Their clothes are trendy and affordable. No, really affordable. My wife has been building a collection of basic colors and shirt styles, and she buys some of her shirts for three dollars!!!!!!! Yes, I said $3. For less than a value meal, she can choose from an array of seasonal colors. She just came home from a Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall excursion where she bought one pair of jeans, one pair of khaki pants, one long sleeve shirt, and two short sleeve shirts all for less than $80. You can’t beat that without shopping at Wal-Mart or Target (or Goodwill – which I must confess we have). Seriously, one pair of my jeans from The Buckle costs $80!

Even if I didn’t get the other pair of pants, I’d be seriously stoked if I could get a pair of jeans and three shirts for eighty bucks. Life just isn’t fair. They charge the heck out of us because they know we don’t mix and match as much. That means we don’t buy as much, which means they’ve gotta milk us for all we’ve got. Back to the subject… Look for the launching of the Papaya website, which is currently under construction. The deals are so good that even if you shop at three or four other favorite stores, you can save some serious cash getting at least some of your basics for way less than the competition. If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, you can visit Papaya at Grapevine Mills in Grapevine or at Galleria Mall in north Dallas.

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  1. […] I wrote a blog about Papaya Clothing stores and their affordable prices at the beginning of November 2006. That was five months ago. I just checked, and their website is still “under construction.” No sign of progress and no contact information is provided on the URL. That’s not going to cut it. […]

  2. I love shopping at papaya, I’m also a on line shopper, so it would be helpful if the company could get the website rolling.

  3. I love Papaya. There clothes are cute and affordable. They have every kind clothes for every kind of ocasion. I have visited 2 papaya stores. 1 in Dallas & one in San Marcos. I live in Midland Texas. SO in other words a store in Lubbock texas would be a great location for them to put a new papaya store. I would drive 2hrs. to shop there. I would love it if would get there web site up & running. Thanks Kahra

  4. My daughter and I were recently in Kissemee Florida and went to the premier outlet mall and came across the Papaya clothing store. My daughter thought she died and went to heaven. Because we were on vacation she only had so much money and space….but that didn’t stop her she bought 3 shirts, two pants, a skirt and a jacket for so little….it was great. I would love to have information on stores close to us, or online shopping as we live in Ontario Canada. This is a great store with stylish clothing at great prices. And as a mom that is soooo important. Please hurry with your website

  5. I was at the Premier Outlet Mall in Florida a few days ago and I came across Papaya too..It was great. I first thought it was Bebe because the way they put their clothes are so nice, one side they put the very “formal” clothes and the other side they put the juniors clothes..OMG..they’re great..I wish they have one down in the southern Louisiana because it’s a 10hrs drive for me, but I would drive 2hours to shop at Papaya…I wish the website will be up..

  6. The employees at the Papaya store in Austin, Tx. are very rude! The return policy is 14 days with a receipt only–no cash back and can not credit your card! Gift Cards and store credits have an expiration date! They say customer satisfaction is guaranteed! It’s not true! They can’t even give you the manager’s telephone number, you can only leave your number so they can call you back after your 14 day return policy has expired. Cheap prices but not worth the hassle!

  7. why dont you open papaya en pther countries wow i really would like a store in el salvador and my friends to here we like a lot papaya cloth and am sure i am not the only one please open one in el salvador

  8. I am a very UNHAPPY CUSTOMER of Papaya. While I agree that Papaya clothing line is nice, I have to say their customer service just seems to be plain BAD! I went shopping at Papaya in Concord California and the sales clerks there never helped me. One time I asked them to hold the clothes I was planning to purchase while I went to the bathroom and get a bite to eat. When I returned about half hour later, they either sold what I wanted to buy or returned the clothes to the racks. Needless to say, I ended up not spending any $$$ there and don’t plan to return soon!! They say customer satisfaction is guaranteed! It’s not true! They can’t even give you the manager’s telephone number, you can only leave your number so they can call you back after your 14 day return policy has expired. Cheap prices but not worth the hassle!

  9. Yeah so i have been reading some posts, its like 12am Saskatchewan time…and i am trying to figure out a way to get papaya clothes shipped to canada! thats so unfair!..needless to say im pissed that they wont send to the bigger country with the higher dollar! I NEED THERE CLOTHES!!! and to the dumb broads who seem to think a sales associates can just pass out anyones phone numbers…well yeah you guys are just stupid! i am a manager at a clothing store, and i would be PISSED OFF if one of my associates gave out my phone number to some stranger who could be crazy. Companys set the policy in place for a reason..and by not following that policy, that puts the sales assoicates asses on the line! (and btw, the customer is usually wrong..and its to satisfy within our means…not do what you say!) dumbass

    • lol.. i really do like ur comment.. im a supervisor at a retail clothing store n yes we are not allowed to give out numbers to no customer.. and we have a policy for a reason.. customers are sneaky and i’ve had a lot of them… =)

  10. OH GOD when will they ship to Canada???? I cant wait anymore I might have to spend my money on Forever21 ..but then their dresses aren’t as cute as PAPAYAS. AH! I think I’ll wait.

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