It’s a sure sign I haven’t done laundry. The silk boxers go at the bottom of the drawer, so I don’t have to wear them unless their the last ones. After today, they won’t make it back into the drawer. They’re gone… Banished… Forever.

I’m extremely sensitive to heat. Sit in a leather / suede chair long enough, and I’ve got to stand up and walk around for awhile. Give me a 70 degree room or cooler, plus a ceiling fan, and I’ll be a happy camper. Not today. Oh no. Not with silk. Bastard silk. I officially hate silk.

If you’ve ever tried to wear boxers under jeans, you know that they have to be made out of a sturdy enough material that they won’t bunch up as you put your pants on. Seriously. As a matter of fact, they’re not worth buying if they’re not sturdy enough to stay in place. The only thing more frustrating than a shifting pair of boxers is a hot, itchy, shifting pair of boxers. Okay, the boxers themselves aren’t itchy. It was the stupid tag, but it’s placed in such a way as to provide constant irritation throughout the day.

Yes, I’m talking about the comfort level of my knickers. Get over it.

Why the hell did I every buy silk boxers in the first place? I know why. It was mostly curiosity which I have since left for dead. Sleeping in them may be okay, but the rest of life does not favor silk. Not for me. You do whatever you want. My silk days are done.

3 responses to “My Day with the Silk Boxers from Hell”

  1. Hmmm……. somebodies bored- i never imagined your career as a writer would come to this -silk underwear-i happen to like silk under wear just not on me preferably on my wife or on the floor- well at least your not writing about anna nicoles babydaddy although i wonder- how much do you think those writers make at the star or the enquirer- i still do wonder though about how dinosaurs play a part in the bible- or who really assassinated JFK- sometimes i ask my self who was the best athlete of all time ?dumb question its got to be jordan 23 – my boxers were very comfortable today it was my wet socks that were killing me.

  2. Ha! You funny guy.

    Yeah… Heather’s not real crazy about this post. What can I say? It caused such a bad day that it warranted a blog post.

    This is my personal website, where I blog about whatever I want.

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