UPDATE: The Papaya Clothing Website is Now Live!!!

To all the women who have left the 300 or so comments on this blog about Papaya Clothing, your action made a difference! The site is now live and you can shop online from anywhere! Finally!

The people truly do have a voice. I have received several comments from people claiming to be Papaya Clothing employees, proving that the company took notice of your comments here.

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I want to hear from the people. For all of you who have been visiting my website, hoping to find more information about Papaya Clothing stores in your area, let me first apologize. I don't know much more than that they have a Papaya Clothing Store in Grapevine Mills Mall and apparently at Stonebriar in Frisco. But let's get to the point.

I wrote a blog about Papaya Clothing stores and their affordable prices at the beginning of November 2006. That was five months ago. I just checked, and their website is still "under construction." No sign of progress and no contact information is provided on the URL. That's not going to cut it.

I literally receive as many as 300 visits to CultureFeast.com a day from Google and Yahoo searches for "Papaya Clothing Store" or "Papaya Clothing store locations" or some variation. My one little blog post about the cheap and stylish clothes at Papaya five months ago drives up to 11,000 visitors in a month to my site. That means that someone needs to get on the ball and finish their site.

So here's the deal. We all know that I own WebSwank, a Dallas social media and search engine marketing company. I'm going to approach Papaya Clothing and show them my site visitor stats and see if WebSwank can't help them launch their website. Papaya is just too hugely popular to not launch and optimize the website as soon as possible.

That's where you the reader come in. I want to hear from you. If you are looking for information on Papaya clothing online and you come across this blog post, I want you to leave a comment here, telling me what kind of information you want from them. Do you want to shop and buy online? Do you want to know where the nearest store is located? Do you want to know if they're hiring? Do you want to know if they offer franchising options? Or do you just want to know what everybody is talking about?

Post a comment here. Your voice will count in getting this website launched.


Daniel Dessinger

278 responses to “Papaya Clothing Store Website Still Under Construction”

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptFor all of you who have been visiting my website, hoping to find more information about Papaya Clothing stores in your area, let me first apologize. I don’t know much more than that they have a Papaya Clothing Store in Grapevine … […]

  2. I was looking for Papaya store online – I like to shop that way when I don’t have time to run to the mall. Just went to thier store last week in Portland Oregon, Lloyd Center mall – liked what I saw, better than Forever 21 & Charotte Russe. But both of those stores have online shopping.

  3. Only Papaya Clothing Store in So. Cal area is located at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets. Would be nice to have a website, tired of driving 1 1/2 hours.

  4. Papaya is my favorite clothing store and the closest one is in the desert hills premium outlets. If there were an online shopping service avaliable I would buy more often. Papaya is loosing customers because of the lack of locations and no website.

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate each of you speaking up.

    Please add your name – first names only are fine… we just need to differentiate each person from the next.

    I can tell by checking my website analytics that there are dozens of you visiting for every one that posts a comment.

    Please take a moment and voice your thoughts on what you want out of the upcoming Papaya Clothing website. Make your voice count.

  6. well my friend visited a papaya store in florida (which is way further away than where i live) and brags about how much she loves papaya every day. i wore one of her skirts once and i really like it and i wanted to purchase the skirt offline. i would also like to buy other clothes from papaya. i hope their website gets finished soon!!!!

  7. hey. i love papaya clothing and the only place i found it in was the orlando premium outlets. i just want to know more of their locations and i would like to be able to shop online.

  8. I do not believe we have a papaya clothing store in south carolina but would love to find one. my sister just returned from texas and had the most adorable papaya shirts. since i can’t talk her into giving them up to me i’d love to able to find a local papaya clothing store to be able to at least shop online!

  9. I got some cute clothes there and friends form the UK started asking about it! i was really hoping to give them a working URL so they could get stuff too. I’m pretty surprised it’s been “under construction” that long. they really do need to get it together and put up a site!

  10. I just moved to the Chicago, Illinois area and I have 2 teenage girls who love shopping at Papaya, and we can’t seem to find one in our area! I am a desperate mother trying to calm down her 2 teenage daughters! One of them is graduating from 8th grade and wants her dress from Papaya. Please help me. We live in Florida, so we shopped at Papaya all the time, including for myself. Thank you.

  11. I recently visisted Papaya in Atlanta,GA. I fell in love and must find alocation closer to home (VA). So please any information would be great!! Thanx!

  12. I know there is a Papaya store in Virginia Beach, Virginia at Lynnhaven mall and I’m sure there is one in Tyson’s Corner up in northern Virginia.

  13. Thank you for continuing to post here. I have high hopes that I will be able to sit down and talk with a representative from Papaya Clothing within the next month and help them to strategically conceptualize all of the functionalities an internet retail store should have.

    Based on your responses and the amount of traffic I’m seeing on my site, Papaya is missing out on at least a million a year in internet sales.

    Oh… quick update: As of March 2006, there were 45 Papaya stores nationwide and 15 more being built by the end of the year. So there are now at least 60 store locations, and at least 6 of them are located in Florida. There is one in Edison Mall in Florida where the Casual Corner used to be.

    I’ll keep you updated with locations as I receive word.

  14. In the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I have heard of 3 Papaya locations:

    Grapevine Mills Mall, Grapevine
    The Galleria, Dallas
    Stonebriar Mall, Frisco

    More updates as I get them.

  15. There’s a Papaya Clothing Store at Las Americas outlet shops near the Tijuana border (near San Diego???) in California.

    Phone Number: 619-662-3800

  16. There’s a Papaya Clothing store at Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon, California.

    Phone Number: 915-922-8800

  17. There’s a Papay Clothing Co. store at the St. Louis Mills Mall.

    Phone: 491-3850 (not sure of the area code)

  18. Sorry, the phone number I listed in the comment above this belongs to the Papaya Clothing store in the Potomac Mills Mall.

    The phone number for the St. Louis Mills store is 227-5411.

  19. There is a Papaya store at the Galleria Mall in Riverside, CA. My granddaughter took me there last week. She’s more the age the store was designed for, but I even liked it! I’m looking for a store a little closer to me, in the San Dimas, Pomona or Claremont area.

  20. Hey!
    I am traveling to Houston, Texas next month and I love Papaya. I was wondering if there are any Papaya stores in Texas for me to shop there.

  21. I want to shop online. There’s a Papaya in our local mall here in Provo, UT, and I want to be able to shop at home. Thanks for your attention to the website!

  22. This store is great. I would love to be able to shop online. I go to the Papaya in Orlando, FL but I live in PA, needless to say I do not visit the store very often. I am also trying to find other locations for Papaya.


  23. I found one at tysons corners in D.C. and just fell in love… BUt sadly I live in Milwaukee, WI so I’d love to be able to shop online

  24. i heard about papaya and did a search to learn more. i want to know more about the company and clothing they sell. it would be wonderful if when they got their site up they could offer online shopping and a directory of where their stores are located. i live in the san fernando valley and really want to check it out!

  25. I am from Puerto Rico and I LOVE to shop at the Papaya store but actually it’s not in the main mall in the island but a little far from the capital San Juan, where I live. The thing is that right now I’m going to school in PA and I miss not having a Papaya store near and actually never thought that there was one in the US since I’ve never seen one. But I was watching TV right now, and some girls at a mall were carrying Papaya bags so I quickly googled it to see if there were stores in the US but can’t believe there is no site. I would be great if they had one to at least know where do they have stores.

  26. you are soooo right.. like this totally sucks that they don’t have a website…cuz i bought two jackets from there like two weeks ago when i was in miami (i live in the bahamas).. and i lost them.. so i was hi=oping to order them from their site… but guess that’s not gonna happen…i’ve never shopped online before… but i would’ve started with them… that’s certain!

  27. Yeah when i went to Florida i bought all these cute things like jeans and earrings to die for…but i cannot seem to find it here in Illinois….does anyone know how i can find a store locator?

  28. Hi,

    I love this store. Been to the one in Portland, oregon, but wondering if there is one in Washington near Seattle. Let me know if anyone has seen one.


  29. like everyone who posted, i love papaya, too. their clothes are super cheap, in style and comfortable, but unfortunately, i live in mn so there’s no papaya store here and i’d have to go back to Florida to get there. i’ve been waiting ’til their website is open, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. none of my friend knows about the store and it’d be nice to shop at a store that they don’t have a clue about.

  30. If you’ll read the comments above, you’ll find some Papaya store locations listed. I tried to find as many as I could and post them in these comments.

    Of course, there are still many more locations that I haven’t found. So if you happen to know the city and name of a mall where a Papaya Clothing Co. store is located, please post the info here. We’ll keep helping each other out until Papaya takes me up on my offer to design and optimize their site.

  31. I want to buy some Papaya cloths but there is no online store. There is no Papaya were I live(Honduras) and online is the only way I can get them.

  32. My friend and I went to Florida not to long ago and came across a Papaya Clothing store and fell in love with it.. They have great clothes and prices as well. We were both surprised when they said they did not have a website. How can this be.. I told my boyfriend I was going to have to go back to Florida just so I can get more clothes from there.. THEY NEED A WEBSITE!!!!

  33. I loved Papaya when we went and I would really like to se the website up and running!! They’ve got the cutest clothes and so very affordable!! I’ve been checking on the site, but not much is happening. I would love to know where more of these stores are, because I’ve only been in the one in the Tacoma Mall.

  34. I would really love to shop and buy online. When I used to live on the west coast I’d shop there all the time. I think it’s a great store! I’ve also been checking their site but it’s been under construction for the longest time. Is there one in Missouri?

  35. I went to the Papaya store in Round Rock, Texas today. Very poor customer service. Had to wait in line more than 30 minutes to pay for my items. Only 1 cashier was working the register. No supervisor on duty.

  36. only heard about them and seen their clothes on friends. am really interested whether it be on a website or in a nearby mall in houston tx.

  37. I would like to be able to shop online. I currently live in Oklahoma, so the only chance I get to visit a store is when I take the occasional trip to Dallas. I love their clothes!

  38. Hi Daniel,

    I am a recruiter who specializes in the retail industry, and have run into problems being able to quickly find the stores in order to assist in my searches. I work in difficult markets oftentimes, and it would be great to have a website that did not perpetually remain “under construction”. Thanks so much for your help and for recognizing this as an issue that definitely needs to be addressed! Take care, and have a nice day!

    -Maggie Towne

  39. there is a papaya store in seattle, wa at the northgate mall. i would love to shop online though! maybe they don’t offer that since they have such a strict return policy (store credit only within 14 days)

  40. ThereÒ€ℒs a Papaya Clothing Store in Chicago? I will be there at the end of may. I have two daughters who live in Italy and love this shop. Thanks

  41. There is not a Papaya Clothing Store around where I live and when I went to visit my family I finally got to go in one.Needless to say I bought a lot of things and could not wait to get home,get on the internet and start shopping again but the website has been down for so long.I hope it gets fixed soon.Thanks

  42. There is a store in Ontario, California @ the Ontario Mills, be aware, they do NOT offer any type of refunds, so check/try on the outfit that you are buying!!

  43. this is interesting… i work there and people come in all the time and ask if were online…. we should be

  44. * Online shopping
    * Locations
    * Specifics of return policies!
    * Fashion tips
    * Job opportunities
    * Any sister stores/boutiques they may have

    At first, the offline website was a good sign for me. “If it’s taking this long, that website must be super awesome!” Now, I’m just getting irritated. I’ve created some pretty fantastic websites myself in less than half the amount of time Papaya’s website has been “under construction.”

    Papaya is losing HUGE amounts of potential sales and customers because of their apparant lack of knowledge as to how to build a professional website in a TIMELY manner that will enhance their sales and profits. Tell them to get on the ball, or fess up to the fact that they just don’t have a website.

  45. Yes! I want more information on Papaya Clothing Stores. I wanted to see if there were franchising options available but my searches led me only to you. Please let us know when you find out some contact info….or if you find out the answer to my question. Thank you!

  46. I was vacationing in California last summer and fell in love with Papaya at Desert Hills Premium Outlets. There is no Papaya store close to me and I would love to be able to order from them online.

  47. There is a Papaya Clothing Store at the Carlsbad Westfield Mall in Southern California. It’s also know as the “Devil Dog Mall”, or some will say it’s in Oceanside, or even Vista. Either way it’s off of I-5 and 78.

  48. Hi! I searched online for Papaya because I wanted to see the general selections that they had so that I could a) go to the store or b) buy it online.

  49. I would love to shop online at papayaclothing.com but it is taking quite a while. There’s also a store at Tysons Corner Mall in McLean, Virginia.

  50. I shopped at Grapevine Mills Mall in Texas and loved the store. I was looking for a store locator and would also be interested in on-line shopping.

  51. This store is every teenager’s dream!!! I went on vacation to Portland and shopped at the Papaya store there. The store was hip , the clothes were adorable. But they don’t have one where I live and I would love to shop online there.

  52. I’d like to shop online and would like to know if they will expand their store locations. I live in Memphis, Tn and would love to have a store in or around here.

  53. Hi, I live in Jacksonville, Florida and the nearest papaya is 2 hours away in Orlando. I would like to purchase online. I used to live in Dallas and they always had Papaya stores. They are cool, cheap, and trendy. Hope they put one in Jacksonville, we are a growing city!

  54. I am in love with this store! I checked them out while I was in Virginia on vacation and I fell in love! There are none that I know of in the NY area and would love to do some shopping online!

  55. I was in San Antonio for a competition and I fell in love with Papaya’s clothes! They are adorable. I wish they would hurry on their website, I’d love to shop around on it since we don’t have one here in Oklahoma.

  56. I live in San Francisco, CA and after recently visiting San Diego i fell in love with Papaya. i need to find any locations in the BAY. i can’t believe they don’t have a website up and are not advertised at all over here. They would be making bank in the BAY.

  57. I totally LOVE papaya clothing store! But i’m pretty discusted with the way that there is no website. Papaya is loosing customers because of the lack of locations. If there were a website, there would probably be a list of locations as well as online shopping. Please get the site constructed!

  58. Every time I look for Papaya clothing online their site is alway s under construction. WHEN WILL IT BE UP AND RUNNING?

  59. I absolutely love the Papaya stores!!! The nearest one from me is about 3 hours away but I would gladly drive there to go shopping in a heart beat! I can’t wait to see their new website. I hope they finish it soon so I can order online πŸ™‚

  60. Tracy, it would be awesome if you could forward the list of store locations to me. Once I get that information, I will write it in a new post and add a link to it from this post (since this post is the most popular one I’ve written about Papaya.

    Thanks Tracy! You rock!

  61. Oh yeah… you’ll want email info to do that… send your info to daniel(at)culturefeast(dot)com, except change the parentheses to symbols.

    Thanks again… hope to hear back from you soon.

  62. i work for papaya..i could find out why after so long the site is still under construction. plus i have a list of all papaya clothing store locations.

  63. I stumbled upon the stora in Palm Springs at christmas and have been waiting for their site ever since. I am from BC Canada so I would love to know if they have any stores in Seattle and even better Canada. I would also love to be able to shop online through their seasonal catalogues.

  64. To answer comment #30 from Alexa, I live in Houston, TX and there is not a Papaya here. I am actually searching for them and came across this blog. Please talk with them soon to get a website that would equip us to order online. I visited Tampa, Florida and fell in love with this store and have desired to go to one again. Please tell them to get a move on it!!!

  65. I would love to see Papaya website finally up and running.! I am big internet shopper and right now wet seal and forever 21 get all my money. I thought papaya might want some but i guess not.

  66. I’ve been waiting forever for their website to go up, but it has been about 6 months, and still it’s under construction. There’s a jean they make that fits me so well and I want to be able to buy more online.

  67. I love Papaya clothing stores. I am also a fan of surfing the web for the latest trends and sales online. I too have been waiting to see papaya’s website come to fruition. But have constantly disappointed to see that it is always “under construction”. Do they know how much business they would get if they went to the world wide web? I’m for a website. Do what you have to do.

  68. i went to a papaya in Ventura during Spring Break and I found a ton of cute clothes and an adorable dress. I would want to be able to shop online since I have only seen them in So Cal.

  69. There’s a papaya clothing store in Montclair, CA it’s in Montclair plaza if any of you were closeby πŸ˜€ I love the store as well.

  70. I live in Memphis, TN and had a friend who had a really cute outfit from Papaya. I have been trying to find their webiste. I would love to order online, or even from a catalog if they have one. Do you know if they have a catalog?

  71. I loved this store! I went to one in the Countryside Mall in FL, but I live in Ohio and dont think we have them here. I was hoping I could do some online shopping, instead of waitinguntil NEXT spring when I head back to FL. I would love to see this site up and running. Thanks for the info.

  72. i have been looking for this website for a long time. i visited the papaya store in orlando about two years ago. I have been looking ever since! this store has cute clothing and if one doesn’t come towards where i live, i’d love for the site to work. THEY WOULD HAVE GREAT BUSINESS!

  73. Love, love,love this store! I live in Boise, Idaho. This city is growing like crazy and I think Papaya would be a great addition to it. PLEASE hurry with the website!

  74. There’s a Papaya store at the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon if any of you live nearby.
    P.S What is taking the website so long?

  75. There is a Papaya in the Puente Hills Mall which is just off the 60 freeway (Azusa exit) in SoCal. They really need to get a website!

  76. Papaya is one of the best stores for affordable in style clothes. It’s right up there with Forever XXI and Wetseal. I live in Miami and the closest Papaya store is at least 30 minutes away- even longer with traffic. I am a fan of online clothes shopping. Last time I shopped at papaya was over a year ago b/c they are so far. So I’ve had to settle for the other store. Everytime I do a google search for Papaya, I get a “under construction page”. It would be incredibly awesome to see their site up and running. They would really blow away the competition.

  77. I was also searching for Papya online, more for their jewelry selection. A necklace a friend of mine bought is no longer available at the local store, so was hoping I could find it at their store online.

  78. I heard that they just opened a Papaya Clothing store in Pearlridge Center here in Hawaii. I just wanted to check out their clothes online before I made the trip out there. Any new info would be appreciated!!

  79. Without a website, Papaya just missed out on a $50 gift card purchase I wanted to make for my sister. Instead, the sale went to the Mall’s website (general gift card). How many other gift card sales have they missed out on due to the lack of a website……

  80. Yeah Papaya Clothing definitely need a site. It would make things so much more convient. Other stores, ie, wet seal, debshops, forever21 have their sites and Papaya needs one because their clothes are really stylish and affordable. Love Papaya!!

  81. I was searching for Papaya because I would love to be able to shop online. I don’t have a Papaya where I live (Waco). At the very least, I’d like to be able to find their locations easily. Thanks!

  82. I would like to see a Papaya website soon because i dont live near any of their stores and id like to shop and buy clothes online… also id like to be able to know if they are opening any new stores

  83. There is a great Papaya store inside the Discover Mills Mall next to the Bass Pro Shop in Lawrenceville, GA. My 14 year old daughters closet is full of clothing from Papaya. I would love to shop online since we live almost 2 hours away from this one. Please get the website up and running ASAP!! She really needs to shop!! Thanks!!

  84. I vistied a Papaya store at Town Center Mall near Atlanta Georgia with my daughters. There in not a Papaya’s in Tennessee therefore we would like to purchase on line and find other locations that are close to us.

  85. I went to Texas last summer and found several papaya stores, which I loved. I live in Norway, and would like a papaya online store, that can deliver clothes overseas.

  86. I LOVE Papaya! There is a store here in my city, Ft. Myers, FL. It’s located in the Edison Mall.

    I don’t know HOW many times I’ve googled “Papaya Clothes” or something similar and got other websites, including this one. Then I finally read the blog and decided it would be a GREAT idea if you tried to help launch their website! It would be so much more helpful! I can’t always make it to the mall, and I’d sometimes like to shop online at Papaya, especially since I STILL have gift cards from Christmas that I haven’t used! πŸ˜‰ GOOD LUCK! AND THANKS A LOT!

  87. I love Papaya Clothing. There is one in the Orem, Utah mall. I would love to shop online now that I’ve moved to Arizona and haven’t found a store here.

  88. I came across a Papaya Clothing store when I was in Florida last year. Love the clothing! Been looking for a web site since then. If it does get up and running – please try to ensure that us Canadians can buy online as well!

  89. There’s a Papaya store in the Tacoma Mall in Tacoma, WA. I bought a dress there last year and loved it, and I was looking for an online store today to see what their new stuff looked like.

    Even if Papaya didn’t have a website for purchasing clothes, a simple page saying where their store locations are would be a big improvement. From the looks of this blog, people have a hard time finding stores near them.

  90. I am looking to shop online, and I’d also love to know if there’s a store close by but I guess I’ll just google it and figure that out myself. I’d rather shop online though, so I hope the website is up and running soon!

  91. There is a Papaya store at the Discover Mills Mall in Lawrenceville, GA (the Atlanta area). I have been only twice because I live 3 hours away. I would love to shop online for their clothes. They are so fashionably cute!!!!

  92. I read your entry and I laughed because I’ve been in both categories: I’ve noted the eternally-under-construction website, and today I found your site when I was looking for whether they had locations in Houston. I guess they don’t, according to one of the other comments.

    There are Papayas at each of two malls here in Austin (Barton Creek & Highland). There’s also one in the outlet half an hour away in San Marcos… I forget which outlet it is–probably Premium, since that’s the one everyone else named.

    That they have essentially no website paired with the fact that they don’t do returns, exchanges, or refunds makes me feel that their professionalism is a little sketchy. Even their receipts are calculated and printed out by manual-input calculators, kind of like the ones they have at some restaurants.

    Besides those things, I really do like shopping there. The cleanliness, inventory, arrangement, and style are on par with Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe–though the prices are for the most part cheaper! The first Papaya store I ever discovered was in California and their selection and prices were quite satisfying for a hungry shopper =)

  93. So, i was helping my sister find bridesmaids dresses that were cute, affordable, and rewearable when I came across Papaya at Discover Mills in Duluth, GA. I really liked the store and thought their clothes quite cute…but when I went to show a friend, I looked online and found….nothing. Very dissapointing. I would like to be able to see what inventory they have available (with price), I want to know where else they might be located…and I want to be able to shop online for what I want! In this day and age, you can’t afford to not be online!

  94. Papaya is way cool. I went to their store once and it was really small so i thought it was privately owned. I had no idea it was a huge franchise! I raelly wish they had website so i could buy online! Plus I would like to know if there were job oppurtunities and where the closest one was to me, as I went to the store in Shreveport, Louisiana and I live in Utah.

  95. Hey, I love to shop and buy clothings in Papaya store but the nearest store you can buy Papaya clothing is in Tampa,FL and I lived here in St.Pete.It’s too far for me to drive around.They need to get a website!!!A.S.A.P.

  96. I do alot of my shopping online and i have been keeping track of the site but still under construction!? I hope they do something about it so i can start shopping online.

  97. I love Papaya but I dont live near one so please get a website up and running that I can order from…. soon! πŸ™‚

  98. i have been to the papaya in discover mills mall in georgia, but recently i’ve moved to the philadelphia are in pennsylvania and i’m not sure if there are any stores around here. i would really prefer to shop online, seeing as it would take me hours to get to the papaya that is in georgia.

  99. i was on vacation in san antonio (live in ID) and when i was out shopping i came across papaya and i have been dying to shop at papaya since so i was hoping there would be one online but its been under construction since atleast last summer πŸ™ sadly

  100. I’m from Canada and I am going to the US quite often short vacations. I have a very limited amount of time to spend in malls when I’m there so i usually check out the websites so that i know exactly where to go and what to look for. I’ve seen Papaya in LV in Febuary and it seemed great but i didn’t end up shopping there because i didn’t want too much time in one store. So now i’ m going to LA in June and since there is no website to look at I probably won’t be shopping there again. too bad.

  101. hi, my sister got a cute shirt from Papaya & I’d like to visit the store! But I cant find any information on whether they are located near my house! I cant find a website either! Is there a marketing strategy behind this company that does not utilize the internet & that is still effective? I didnt know anybody could do without the web these days! Well, if I cant find any, I’m going to Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters.

  102. I love papaya!! I went when I was visiting in San Antonio, TX. I want to know if there is one in Dallas, TX

  103. I would like to shop online. I live way in Adams County, Mississippi. I don’t know where the nearest papaya is. I shopped there once when I went to Miami, Florida, and I loved it.

  104. There’s a Papaya store at the North gate mall in Seattle but that’s an hour from where I live so before I drive all the way up there I want to see if there is something I really want. I’m also a big online shopper and I would prefer just to be able to get on the computer and buy something. I would shop at Papaya way more if it was online.

  105. There’s a papaya store at one of Austin’s malls. My friends and I visited it on our UIL State trip, and we were absolutely amazed at the prices.
    I would really love it if they had a site, because I live about 5 hours away from the nearest store. T-T

  106. I lived in Orlando for a few months and fell in love with the papaya store while I was there. Now I am back in Idaho with my family and have no access of getting to a store that i know of… especially without traveling for miles. I would LOVE an online store! They should definately have one!

  107. I LOVE Papaya clothing. It’s stylish and affordable. I really hope you can get a website up for them soon because it would be very convinient. From my town the closest store is about two hours (Grapevine Mills) so being able to see what’s available at the store would be great. Sizes and measurements are a must I believe and also upcoming sales. Hope this helped…keep it up guys…

  108. […] I should write about women’s fashion more often. This Papaya Clothing store project is blowing up! On average, CultureFeast gets 60 visitors per day who are looking for information about Papaya clothing stores. There’s a seriously untapped market here. I should start a blog about the most popular women’s clothing stores: Papaya, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. Of course, I know absolutely nothing about women’s clothing, so I’d have to find some good writers to cover the details. […]

  109. Thanks for all your comments so far. While you’re here, I’d love for you to take a look around and tell me what you think about the other posts on this blog.

    You’ve been my best group of readers by far, so I want to make this site more interesting for you as well.

    What do you want to see here? What would bring you back to read more?

    We want you to come back again and talk with us again, so please take a couple extra minutes and tell us what you think about the other pages of this site.



  110. I love this store, I shopped there when I went to Virginia and I have been feigning for the website checking once a month. I live in the northeast and I could have bought up that whole store when I was in VA.


  111. Thanks for reminding me, Jesika. I was planning on creating a list, but hadn’t gotten past mentioning some locations here in the Comments section.

    Stay tuned. I will compile a Papaya Clothing store locations list and post them in a new blog post. I’ll add a link here on this post so that you can find the information easily.

    Thanks for reminding me!

  112. Ok I have been shopping at the papaya in Colorado mills mall in Colorado for years. I actually live in Ca and I shop in Co everytime I go to visit family. I have been telling all my friends here about the store because they end up loving the clothes I bring back. I would love to be able to shop online and find a store near me. If anything it would be great if you could start a list of stores that you have heard about through your blog that I’m sure would help people for the time being until the website is up and running.

  113. Spoke with someone for the Co store gave me a list of Ca stores thought this might help. She said they are all privately owned and that is why there is no website.

    Clothing Papaya
    3301 E Main St
    Ventura, CA 93003

    (805) 650-9750

    Papaya Clothing
    2525 El Camino Real Ste 260
    Carlsbad, CA 92008

    (760) 720-0088
    Papaya Clothing
    5610 Paseo Del Norte Ste 115
    Carlsbad, CA 92008

    (760) 431-5200

    Papaya Clothing
    232 Sun Valley Mall Ste A125
    Concord, CA 94520

    (925) 356-0100

    Papaya Clothing
    100 Citadel Dr Ste 460
    Los Angeles, CA 90040

    (323) 888-1100

    Papaya Clothing
    459 Great Mall Dr
    Milpitas, CA 95035

    (408) 942-1600

    Papaya Clothing
    3030 Plaza Bonita Rd Ste 1006
    National City, CA 91950

    (619) 472-5000

    Papaya Clothing
    1 Mills Cir
    Ontario, CA 91764

    (909) 484-5660

    Papaya Clothing
    20 City Blvd W Ste 315
    Orange, CA 92868

    (714) 385-9000

    Papaya Clothing
    1299 Galleria At Tyler Ste D104
    Riverside, CA 92503

    (951) 343-0500

    Papaya Clothing
    1600 S Azusa Ave
    Rowland Heights, CA 91748

    (626) 965-6200

    Papaya Clothing
    1640 Camino Del Rio N Ste 337
    San Diego, CA 92108

    (619) 220-8870

    Papaya Clothing
    2200 Eastridge Loop Ste 1020
    San Jose, CA 95122

    (408) 270-0700

    Papaya Clothing
    925 Blossom Hill Rd Ste W14
    San Jose, CA 95123

    (408) 229-1200

    Papaya Clothing
    40820 Winchester Rd
    Temecula, CA 92591

    (951) 296-0994

    Papaya Clothing
    3301 E Main St
    Ventura, CA 93003

    (805) 477-0440

    Papaya Clothing
    3301 E Main St
    Ventura, CA 93003

    (805) 650-9799

  114. Thanks for the list, Jesika. I don’t think that some of the information they gave you is correct. Some employees at the Grapevine Mills store mentioned a district manager as the highest up that they had met.

    Even if the stores are franchises, there must be a corporate office somewhere that arranges for clothing distribution, establishes pricing, and maintains the company theme.

  115. I’ve been to the Papaya store in Queens Center Mall in Forest Hills/Woodhaven, Queens, NY. I love that place! I’m also looking forward to checking out the store at Tysons Center Mall in Virginia. There are also so many styles, colors and varieties of clothes to choose from! If they updated their site many more people could see what they have and enjoy it more. πŸ™‚

  116. I have been a papaya fine for a long time, and was shocked to go online today and not find a website for them. I am a big fan of online window shopping, and love functional sites. Categories like clothing types(outerwear, tanks, pants, sets), store locations, online ordering and sale sections are essential to any store website. I like the layout of store sites like Victoria Secret, New York and Company and Bath and Body works, and easily visit their sites weekly to decide what to buy before I go there. I am very excited to see the Papaya site up, so I can window shop without a trip to the mall(since according to Google there are no Papaya’s in Manhattan.) You are providing a great service.

  117. There’s a Papaya store only 20mins [or less] away from me and it’s got to be the best store that has ever happened to me! I’d love to buy their stuff online ’cause I’m just to darn lazy to go to the mall! Anyway, they’ll have more products on a website then at the actual store!

  118. I think it is ridiculous that Papaya’s website is not up and running yet! I look for it everyday thinking surely it will be working. It never is. What a waste!

  119. Thanks for your comment, Livey! Your comment means that for the first time ever there are more CultureFeast comments than posts! You are #288!

    Now I have to get back to writing!

  120. I want to be able to look at their clothes on line and shop online too. When will their website be up? Does anyone know?

  121. I heard about Papaya from my brother. His girlfriend, who lives in Virginia, loves the store and he says it’s similar to Delias, which is one of my favorite stores. I want to know if there’s a store anywhere near me, and if not, i want to be able to check out their stuff online and shop online if I want to.

  122. I want to be able to see ALL the clothes they have available not just the stuff at the local mall so i can still get what I want even if the store is sold out. I LOVE the clothes Papaya sells and would love to see a website for them.

  123. I went on a trip to washington d.c. and was blown away by the papaya store. IT WAS THE BEST STORE I HAD EVER BEEN TO!!! My problem is…. I live in tenessee.. I have no idea where the nearest papaya store is…..and i cant even buy accesories online!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™

    If Papaya doesn’t get a website soon, it will fade away…..in other words it will rot in the back of my and 78 others girls’ memory forever

    Papaya could make millions from an online store- just from Tennessee-ans like me!!!!

  124. i recently visited the states for the first time, from the uk & found a papaya store, i spent nearly all my money there & i loved the shop. I just logged on to buy more clothes & its just not good enough, why no website?!! I am from the other side of the globe, it is my ONLY way to buy from them!

  125. I live in NYC and clothes are freakin expensive here. But Papaya is awesome! At first i never use to go in that store, but when they have their new summer clothes i went crazy! i love how affordable and how their clothes suite me. HAVING A WEBSITE will help wonders for their company because i know id go crazy buying clothes on there.

  126. I LOVE Papaya clothing! In fact, I am interested in finding out if they offer franchising options. I literally travel to Orlando almost every month and shop at both stores (Premium Outlet & Florida Mall). I spend about $500.00-$600.00 every time i visit the two stores. Ever since I visited the stores, I have been searching the website to se if I can keep up with their New Arrivals and shop Online instead of traveling to Orlando to refresh my wardrobe. From all the responses I see posted, I am glad to know that I am not the only one that is obsessed with this store. I want to thank you for taking the initiatve to start this website in hopes that it will be completed by the end of this year if not SOONER. Thank you again! I wish you much luck on your mission!

  127. I would love a Papaya Online store! To see new things, find stores, etc. I really don’t go to the mall all that often, so it would be nice to see what they have online instead of going all the way into the mall.

  128. Before I moved to Europe, they just open Papaya clothing in washington and I love the clothes!! It would be nice if they have a website so I can buy some clothes via the internet ^_^

  129. i would be obsessed with a papaya clothing website. i love it there and my favorite place to shop is the one in the tacoma, washington mall.
    but until just now i never knew it was a chain!
    hahah ok i’d want to see:
    – clothes, etc, and online shopping (like a regular clothes website)
    – store locations

  130. i shop at papaya for the summer dresses because the styles are cuter and not too short like we see nowadays. I know that there is a store in miami but the one i shop at in the coral square mall (florida). i think the store locations and online shopping would be wonderful especially since i live an hour away from there. =]

  131. I love to shop at Papaya. Since first shopping at the Sun Valley Mall Location in Concord Ca, I cant stop. But because I am very busy and dont get to go shopping much a Papaya website that would allow me to shop & pay online would be a GOD SENT! PLEASE GET THAT WEBSITE GOING!

  132. I have never shopped at Papaya, however my friend asked me where the nearest location was (somebody told her Papaya had some great and reasonably priced stuff) and so I googled it for her (her computer broke). I was really suprised when the top choice was this blog. Hopefully, I will be able to find out where the nearest location is somewhere else….but yes, Papaya really needs to get their website up!!!!

  133. i am from the caribbean the nearest papaya store is in the saw grass mills i fell in love with the clothing @ the premium outlet in orlando but that is too far to drive and saw grass mills most of the time is out of my way so having a webiste will help me shop online thanks .

  134. I discovered Papaya while vacationing in CA and I fell in LOVE with the store. IÒ€ℒd really like to have the option to buy their clothes online. Their prices are so reasonable. I stumbled upon this blog while looking for PapayaÒ€ℒs web page and decided to leave a comment. It would be so great if they could finish their site.

  135. We have a papaya at Barton Creek Mall in Austin, Tx. I love the store – it has cute, vintage-y stuff at an affordable price. But i’d like to shop on line every once and a while, so I’m hoping they get there website up soon.

  136. Hey ! Love Papaya – Great deals!! Found a store at a Mall outside Dallas, Texas while on Vacation… Any stores close to Ohio??? Would definitly shop on line!!!!! Let me know when I can shop!!

  137. Hey! I Love the Papaya Store that I visited in Orlando, FL on vacation a while ago. I live in RI and there isn’t a store like Papaya nearby. I would defenitly shop online if there was a site avaliable. Let me know when I can start wearing their fabulous clothes.

  138. I love shopping at Papaya stores when ever I am in the USA. I live in the Caribbean and wanted to do some online shopping. I know have to wait until I am in the USA to do so.

  139. I would love if Papaya had a website b/c they only have four locations in Atlanta and they do not have any in the suburbs of metro Atlanta. They clothing is affordable and stylish.

  140. i love papaya. when they fix up the site i would like to see pictures of items and prices. buying online would be great too. and locations and contact info.

  141. I know that there is a Papaya in Potomac Mills outlet mall near Woodbridge in Northern Virginia. There is also another one in Tysons Mall near Washington DC.
    Since I live 4 or more hours away from either I would love to be able to shop online or even sign up online to recieve a catalog from which I could buy things.

  142. I honestly cant’t beleive that there web-site isn’t up yet. I spend most of my day on web (personal asst.) I like to go online and compare prices and check out whats new in the stores without having to drive to the Montclair Plaza.

  143. I love Papaya but the lack of website is on my nerves since there is no one near us. Plus, I want to shop but I will have to find somewhere else pretty soon……. even though I hate to say that. Either that or they can have a papaya in Charleston, WV by tomorrow! lol……

  144. Shopping with my granddaughter, we found Papaya in a mall in the San Jose area. Now, we’d like to find one closer to home. I keep checking the website, this is the best I’ve found. It’s been several months, and like others, it’s “under construction”. The list in this website helped, but their own webpage would be a GREAT help!

  145. I live in Minnesota but shopped at the store in Florida and fell in love with the stuff I am really waiting for the website to open so I can continue buying things from them! AMAZING PRICES AND CLOTHES!
    Love it! Hurry Up haha!

  146. Papaya is now my number 1 favorite store! The first time I vistited one, is when we were in Austin for a Basketball tourney, and I fell in love! Not only is Papaya inexpensive, but it also has great, stylist clothes! Being in all the time comsumming and expensive things I am in, it is good to know that I can still shop and get great deals!

  147. I recently visited a Papaya near Killeen TX. I’m from South Carolina and it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit and are in my budget. I would like to know of any locations near Columbia, SC and if there too far I’d love to be able to visit the website.

  148. I live in St. Louis Mo, and I would love to see a web-site for Papaya Clothing, I love to shop online and I love papaya. But when you have no web site what other choice do you have but to shop somewhere else, what a shame.

  149. I’ve shopped there twice at Westfield Mall in FL. There clothes are cuter than F21 and Wet Seal (although I love those stores!) but the clothes also tear very easily. I only have two shirts from there, but both are ripped, as soon as I wore them!

  150. Went shopping yesterday and discovered Papaya at the mall. Would love to shop online, but couldn’t find anything but this info. PLEASE get a website up and going so we can spend money on your stuff!!!

  151. Papaya at DOLPHIN MALL in miami fl is the most disgusting place especially the staff!! They treat their emloyers and customers horribly. The asistant managers steal from the cashiers and blame them for being short, they dont count the register in front of the cashiers they tell u to go do something else. They hold your check if you dont pay the amount of your “supposedly” short register which is ILLEGAL!! ITS A HORRIBLE PLACE to shop and work!

  152. I went shopping at Papaya in San Marcos Texas, and since have been trying to find something on line, which would make it so much easier since I live in SE Oklahoma. PLEASE get a website. We just love your store!!

  153. I need franchising information for Papayas clothing. Is there any new information that you have obtained?

  154. i really want papaya clothings! it’s such an awesome store. why can’t they have one in MN. i’ve been waiting for such a long time to shop there again. do they not know that papaya is great and they need more of the stores?

  155. I loveLOVE Papaya Clothing.. Ive been checkin on that particular website & still no website.. Which kinda sucks bad!! I’m one of those Online Shoppers.. and if only they had their website going.. Finally One store here in Hawaii.. but their shopping bag still shows their website.. Hurry with the website!

  156. I was visiting in Guam when I first visited one of their stores. I live in Washington and whenever I travel out of state I make it a point to go out of my way to find a store. Whether it be Oregon or California. I have even been buying their clothes on Ebay for the past few months and this just does not cut it anymore. I would love for them to have a website up and running soon. In fact I check the website every week to see what is going on. I would be a regular shopper on the site, along with friends and family who love their clothing. Please hurry!

  157. Hey, thanks Alex!

    Here you go folks! Alex has shown us the comp under development. Looks pretty good. There’s practically no text which means no SEO.

    They’re still going to need me to rank on Google.

  158. From the test they show on the website i think that for skirts they should say how many inches in length for those of us you don’t want them being like 10 inches long! xD

    Thanks for the link Alex!

  159. horrible place to be is in the papaya in miami, fl. The employees and managers are so rude and their thieves!!!

  160. Would like to know if the pants section would have the option of selecting which length would be best for the customer. I am short and all the pants, dress and jeans, are way too long for me. I know some stores do have the option to order in short, average/regular, or long lengths. I was hoping maybe that can be something that Papaya would consider. I spend about $50.00-$100.00 at their stores every visit, but most of the time I only purchase shirts.

  161. I absolutely love Papaya! It’s my ultimate favorite store. I was hoping I could look through the website and shop there because sometimes, the actual store doesn’t have my size or something. Really wish the site gets in business!

  162. I love Papaya it has the best clothes and they fit my body i love to dress more teenage but find it hard to find clothes that fit my small body thanks so much. please get your web site up soon so i can buy clothes because there isn’t one near me.

  163. i am from dominican republic and when i went to miami last summer i bought all my clothes at papaya i would love to shop online, the clothes are very nice and beutiful, and the price is right, if they launch the web page they’ll succed for sure!

  164. Yessssss, i would love for papaya to come up. I live in SC, and when i visited Seattle, WA, i went shopping there tons.
    I would love to be able to buy stuff online.

  165. I love the clothes at papaya but they never seem to have what I want in my size, so I wanted to shop online. unfortunately, the beta version that your site links to seems to have completely different items than what is currently in store.

    at my location (oakridge mall in san jose, ca) they’ve started using shopping bags with the website papayaclothing.com, but when you go to that site you get the following message:

    “This is the placeholder for domain bestpapaya.com. If you see this page after uploading site content you probably have not replaced the index.html file”

  166. I keep checking to see it this site is up and running… and it is not… I vistited Orlando, FL and went to the Papaya Store and loved it! I live in Cumming, GA and I do not know of a local store in our area and so… if they would get the website running… I would love to buy more of the clothes that they sell!
    Anyone who could help get this site running…. it just really seems to be taking a long time..
    I wish it was up and running months ago… I do love the Papaya Store and would like to be able to shop there!

  167. I absolutely love the clothes at papaya but I would suggest having more sales throughout the store or cheaper prices. A pair of pants I was looking at and fit me, I was gooing to buy them then I looked at the tag and they were almost $40.00 to me that is rediculous for a pair of pants! I went to rave and they had almost the same jeans for $19.99 and they were 75% off so with taxes i only paid $5.35. The same thing happened with a shirt but I saw a shirt in 579 for 7 dollars chearper it wasnt the same one but it was just as good! I would perfer shopping at papaya but they never have sales and they’re prices are rediculous at rave and 579 they always have sales and some of their clothes are very similar to yours. This was at the Seminole Towne Center mall in Sanford,FL. please try to do something about this problem!

  168. Hello Daniel

    So is there Going to be a Papaya Clothing Store online? because the nearest papaya is in St.Louis which is 2 1/2 hours away from me.
    So is there Deff. going to be a Papya Store online soon?

  169. Kinsey,
    I’m not a representative of the company, so I can’t say for sure when the website will launch.

    I don’t know what to tell you. I guess they do have some items that are more expensive, but my wife always finds jeans for $20 or less.

    It’s not unusual for a test website to contain content that won’t appear on the live version. These may have been the styles available when the test design was created several seasons ago. As for the website address on the shopping bags, that’s just a case of poor planning.

    Thanks for your comments!

  170. My daughter and I stumbled upon this store at Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach. We were drawn to all the colorful clothing. We asked the clerk if they had a web-site and she mentioned they did but it wasn’t working. We are from Maryland and she told us there was not one here. So… I would be interested in franchising info, as well as ordering online. Or a catalog, something ! Thank you !

  171. Although it’s my first time shopping at Papaya on my Orlando trip at the Premium Outlet mall but I love their clothes..i’ve been checking for the location and the website of it..their location are only a few..although they had one store in my STATE but that would take me 5 hours drive to get there…if there were Online shopping..i bet I’ll stick to it…

  172. I too was looking for the Papaya website and found this. So now I’m leaving a comment ’cause you said too. I went to the one in Portland for the first time today and love the store and was just looking to see if they had a website and if so what it was like. I was interested in shopping online/browsing. Good luck!

  173. Yeah, I stumbled across your site while searching for Papaya’s haha. I would love a store locator and online ordering…but using the test one, I’ve found a Papaya about half an hour away from where a live. yay! thanks πŸ™‚

  174. I discovered Papaya Clothing when on vacation in Virginia a couple weeks ago. I live in Oklahoma and the closest store is 3 hours away. I know my size now, so I look forward to being able to purchase clothing online. I certainly hope you help put a !!!

  175. I discovered Papaya Clothing when on vacation in Virginia a couple weeks ago. I live in Oklahoma and the closest store is 3 hours away. I know my size now, so I look forward to being able to purchase clothing online. I certainly hope you help put a site up soon!!!

  176. I only shop at papaya.
    I absolutely love this store, they have such excellent sales too.
    I recently relocated to arizona from Utah and im now depressed because my papaya isnt here πŸ™
    I hope they open one here in AZ.

  177. I was looking for their website, to locate their nearest store, maybe check out their clothing range. Thanks!

  178. Hi, My daughter and just came back from Virgina where we shopped at Papayas in MacArthur Mall in Norfolk. We loved the store and yes we’d love to see online shopping there!

  179. i love papaya. i shop there all the time. theres a store in my town. puente hills mall in rowland heights. check it out if anyone has been looking for a store near them.

  180. i like there clothes alot even though ive been there once, and well that was on a vacation trip to new jersey and i live in massachusetts so i was hopeing that there would be a new papaya store there opening up soon and if not they should.

  181. I came across this hoping they had launched their website (have been checking for somet time). They opened a store near me and I thought I’d check it out since there was a sale. I loved all the clothing and such affordable prices made it one of my favorites shortly. However, I’m a mom of a toddler so I can’t go to the mall all the time. I perfer to shop online at my leisure. I really hope they open it up soon.

  182. How is it that Papaya, one of the leading clothing stores here in San Diego does not have a fully functional website?? I went onto the “test” site, I found some adorable clothes, but of course can’t buy them. As a mother and Wife.. it is terribly hard for me to get out to go shopping, especially for more than an hour (my lunch) at a time. It is so frustrating for me because I am forced to shop somewhere else (online) that is more expensive and wastes more time. I absolutely LOVE the clothing at Papaya, and no doubt will be shopping at their online store if they ever get it up and going. Please hurry up this process, I’d like to be able to use my X-mas money there πŸ™‚ Thanks for doing this blog. They really need to know how lame this is πŸ™‚

  183. I live in GA and we only have one Papaya. I love this store and the wonderful clothing that they have to offer is so different from similar stores. It’s very affordable. I truly wish they did offer online shopping, that way it would save me from the hour+ drive I have to get to this one store. It’s worth the drive, but offering online shopping would be an additional perk to have and that I would exercise and encourage friends who do not have a Papaya to shop.

    I hope you can present this blog and all the data to the marketing & sales division at Papaya to demonstrate to them in realistic numbers the revenues they are allowing to escape their grasp by simply opening an online purchasing avenue.

    I truly support your efforts!

  184. Please approach them about launching a site so I can order some clothes to my taste…I’m an islander and well the only place I’ve been going to shop for the past six years was at papaya’s in guam…dude there isn’t a store that can compare to papayas out here in Arizona…please i may have to go naked to some outings and special events because I refuse to wear these “trashy” style they have even little kids wearing…I mean with the style papayas promotes i bet you a lot of moms would be happy because half of their clothing line wouldn’t be sooo provactive at such young ages…I need papayas clothing out here sooo bad I’m even willing to pay a huge shipping fee…I need clothes …..

  185. I lived in Virginia for about two years and that’s how I found out about Papaya Clothing. I instantly became a huge fan. I am now currently living in Vancouver, BC Canada and I was wondering if they offer any franchising opportunities here. Please let me know when you get an answer from them. The girls here are in serious need of a store like Papaya.

  186. Well I live in Arizona and wonder if you are going to open one here soon, I live in Temecula and I always bought my cloths from Papaya’s I live in Mesa, AZ

  187. i was in PaPaYa in san antonio, texas in the river center mall and i fell in love with the store. i just wish there was one in houston, texas so i can go to the store. i cant wait till the online store opens up so i can buy my clothes online.

  188. I just tried the website and it was unavailable! AARGHHH! I am a little frustated. I hope they get on the ball soon.

  189. I really want them to get their website up n poppin cuz I want to buy online cuz their iz no Papaya store near me, and i luv their clothes!!!!

  190. oops, sorry. I guess they opened it just for a day or something. Yah, I hope they get the website opened soon.

  191. Please come visit us today.

    Now we are open for 27hr/7days in online.
    we have special promotion and FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all order $100 or more.

    Our online shop & off line stores are stocked with the latest fashion direct from the manufacture.

    Since we are a manufacturer-direct store, we do not commission any middlemen and can therefore transfer our savings directly to the customers. Our customers know that they can shop any day of the year rather than lower their standards or wait for sales at other retailers. In essence, we’ve created a shopping environment that will attract customers and keep them coming back on a regular basis.

  192. I find it odd that all the other stores have sites online except Papaya. My friend Salina told me about Papaya, which i had never heard of, and they have no site.

    I need to find a location near me. I live in San Antonio, and i think the closest location is in San Marcos. Also, since I dont live near one. It would be nice to shop online. It’s slightly fustrating.

  193. went to Orlando Premium outlets last July 22-aug. 1, 2007 with my 12 and 14 yr.old daughters. luv the store and their clothing.

    I searched for the store using google and website still under construction.

    pls. hurry. my girls want to show off their stuffs when school opens here in Michigan. Really, if you can open a store here in 12 oaks mall in NOvi, Mi, I will call all the moms at their school to shop.

    waiting for reply.

  194. In case you haven’t read the revised version of this post, the site has been live for several weeks and you can now shop online.

    Let me know if any of you have troubles with the ordering and purchasing process and I’ll pass it along!


  196. Papaya’s website still has some bugs. I tried to place an online order and it would not go through. I tried to leave a comment via the “contact us” form and that would not go through either. Very annoying!!!!

  197. Hi i want to know if papaya clothing offer franchising options for mexico. I love this store but in mexico there isnt. Thank

  198. If you come across a store called EVERBLUE FACTORY OUTLET..
    Then do not hesistate to stop inside and shop.
    Papaya Clothing is a sister company to Everblue Factory Outlet and they basically have the same apparel…
    Guam, USA

  199. How come Papaya’s Clothing does not allow me to order certain items on-line? Is it still under construction? Also, why don’t ship on APO/FPO like other clothing stores?

  200. I am very annoyed because i cannot get to the website… I saw some pants I liked in a Papaya store in orlando… the zipper was broken.. i didn’t get them and now i’m frustrated because i’ve been searching for the web sight no luck… HELP PLEASE!!!!

  201. Their is a Papaya Clothing Store in Ontario CA. its located in a mall called Ontario Mills. Its one of my favorite stores!

  202. Hi- I was wondering who I would talk to about trying to open a Papaya store in G.J CO. I’ve been to 2 of the Papaya stores, one in Provo, Utah and the other in Denver,Co, and I just really loved what I saw and was really intrested in getting to know more about the franchise; and seeing what would be avaiable in trying to open one myself.

  203. Hey, Jenna.

    You know, when the website was under construction forever, I tried my best to contact this company. I started wondering if they even exist. After some hunting, I got a phone number that when dialed went straight to a nondescript recording.

    I love their product for my wife, but I have little to no confidence in the structure of their business model.

    Getting an answer from anyone at Papaya is worse than pulling teeth. You’d think they belonged to a secret society or something.

  204. I was wondering how long do you think until your website is done.
    I know someone who designes webpages if you need someone to finish in a timely manner.

  205. I found a website yesterday for Papaya clothing, I should have ordered what I wanted then…I can’t find it today. (I don’t like going to the mall)!!! but the first Papaya store I came accross was at Mission Valley Mall in San Diego……They need an online shopping site!!!!

  206. Hello Sirs,
    I am very interested in your clothes.
    I was served by your shop which is located in South Korea.
    Please let me know where is your very closest store to MONGOLIA which lies between China and Russia.
    If possible please provide me your China representitive contact details.
    I am looking forward to hear you soon.
    Best regards

  207. @christine: I don’t know the official answer to your question. I may or may not have clarified before, but I am not affiliated with Papaya Clothing in any way shape or form. Though they should probably compensate me for the attention and traffic I’ve sent them.

    I do know that the Papaya Clothing Store by my house does not do refunds. They only do store credit. My wife has returned many items, and I’d be willing to be that you can return an item with a receipt for store credit. But I can’t promise that’s true.

  208. hiii i love this store i fist saw it when i was livin in orlando at some outlet but the thing is that i had to move to boston…. so my question is….

    where can i find papaya clothing in boston???

  209. i would love to see how to franchise a papaya store on their site. i would also like to shop there. i went to the outlet store in round rock, tx and i reallylike their clothes. we need a store closer here in teple and killeen. we need the website.

  210. I will never go back to this store. I tried on clothes, went to check out and waited for someone to help but I guess everyone was too busy dressing mannequins—or something—so I left. Their customer service SUCKS!

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  212. There is a papaya clothing store at the outlets near palm springs, I would love to have a website to visit though for when I cant drive out to the mall!

  213. […] I may even land a client for my current agency with it through this experiment I’m conducting for Papaya Clothing. If they notice how much I am promoting their site and collecting valuable information and […]

  214. I’m a beautiful plus size woman and was sooooo greatful when i discovered Papaya Plus clothing in San Diego. However, I’m located about 30 mins north of there so it would be GREAT to have a store located at one or both of the malls near me in north county!!! Its hard to find fashionable, affordable clothing for the plus size woman. If there were more plus stores then i can guarentee that it would do very well!!!!!!

  215. Can you please tell me where in Texas I can find this store?? I just found out about it recently and how cute the clothes are….I am goin to TX this weekend so i need to know ASAP!!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  216. do they have a franchise? I am in Canada and have shopped many times at Papaya in Palm Springs. Would love to open a store here.

    Thanks for any info you can get me.

  217. Wanted to know if Papaya has a store in Seattle?
    I would like to know if there’s a franchise available to open stores in Central America.

    Thanks for any info!

  218. My question is: the collections I can find in the store are the same that I can find in the website or is there a huge difference??

    Thank you, by the way I love Papaya’s clothing

  219. hi i work for papaya store locater at grapevinemills in dallas also there star opening a new one on lewisville , there is one on arlington, and galeria, their opening alot around texas,

  220. Hi Daniel, I like to buy some boots fr my mom from papaya but im wondering if you ship outside US, coz she stays in London If i can buy it online and then directly ship it to her. I would greatly appreciate any information from you. Thanks


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