Though the compulsion to write flows strongly through these veins, I cannot escape an addiction to math and statistics. I like to crunch numbers for potential scenarios. I like to know how the numbers break down – which blog posts are viewed the most, which search terms lead people to my website the most, etc.

The overwhelmingly most popular blog post was The Metrosexual, written over a month ago. It is seriously leaving most other posts in the dust. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the older a post, the more time it has had to be viewed. So that always plays a factor. The second or third most popular post was about Texas Bowfishing. Apparently, people have an obscene fetish for gar.

The picture on the right is of Carson Daly. He is one of the premier American metrosexuals in the celebrity spotlight. As mentioned in the previous Metrosexual post, the epitome of the Metrosexual is British soccer phenom David Beckham. Now there’s a man who can’t go anywhere without a thousand women trying to do something unspeakable. Daly is nothing in comparison to Beckham’s star power and marketability. But he’ll do for the moment.

I’ve asked women before what’s the big deal with metrosexuals. I partly understand it, and I also fundamentally cannot. Let’s look at it this way: I think it is safe to say that the majority of women either dream or have dreamed of a tall, muscular, strong man sweeping them of their feet and romancing them in a magical world of something or other. Okay, with that said, where does the scrawny metrosexual fit in?

Granted, the big muscular guys are frequently jocks, which means they spend most of their childhood and adolescence surrounded by morons. No offense. It’s a simple fact that people who specialize or focus on one thing do so to the detriment of other aspects of their lives. You can’t be experienced and talented at everything.

David Beckham represents a metrosexual hybrid whose appeal is more understandable because he is so athletic. I mean, he kicks ass as a soccer player. And I do know a few other guys who fit the bill of soccer metrosexual. Maybe someone should coin a new term for that kind of guy… maybe a header-o-sexual.

But I think it’s safe to say that the majority of metrosexuals are not so athletic. They’re usually scrawny little guys who dress well, stare into the mirror too much for their own good, and act like they’re God’s gift to women and fashion. Quite a few of them have one thing or another going for them – some are musicians, some are successful businessmen, and some are artists with above average art. That I understand. After all, I reeled in my wife by singing and writing. I understand appealing to a woman’s heart and her sense of beauty. Then again, don’t we all use the weapons in our arsenal to compensate for whatever we’re lacking? Guys join bands all the time because they want the fame and the easy access to women who, under different circumstances, wouldn’t give them the time of day.

But why are these guys being elevated to the status of gods when many of them couldn’t defend themselves in a barfight? Not that I’m advocating barfights, mind you. But my point is that somewhere along the way, a lot of women have changed what they want, and I want to know why. There’s got to be some semblance of masculinity in a guy, doesn’t there? I mean, you want him to defend you if necessary, not vice versa, right?!?!

Until I learn otherwise, I’ll chalk it up to Hollywood. Seems like they decide for the masses what is going to be cool, desirable, and worth striving for. If you watch enough television and movies, you constantly see the same thing presented in a certain light, the concept has more of a chance to work its way into your mind and affect the way you think.

Whatever. It’s just a bunch of guys wearing women’s jeans and eye liner, right?

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