A local Texas school district has ruled that public school girls cannot wear leggings to school under short skirts. Apparently, girls were getting the idea that they could buy shorter skirts and get away with them at school as long as they wore leggings. Interesting concept. Some leggings conceal more than others. Some are obviously meant to be sexy and draw attention. Some appear to be no more than extra warmth. It seems ironic to me that public school officials should have such a problem with dress code after all the compromises they’ve made over the past fifty years.

Some of you are too young or too uninformed to know that crime rate increased and SAT scores dropped within 5 years of removing prayer from schools. From one step to the next, from sex education to evolution, public schools have removed godliness and propriety from schools and replaced them with lawlessness and no respectable authority to emulate. Yet now we’re worried about leggings? Seriously? You’re going to give your child the right to learn about sex from someone else, have access to free condoms whenever they want, and give them the right to be tested for pregnancy without your knowledge, and you’re worried about whether they wear leggings? Priorities are more than a little screwed up.

From the news reports on 20/20, you hear about how a growing number of students refuse to show respect to their teachers. They are allowed to be openly rebellious and rude. There is no standard. That is what happens when you remove the moral code from any part of a society. Tell you what – allow teachers to be a source of faith and hope in school classrooms and let the girls wear leggings. Within 5 years, you’ll see whether dress code was the problem.

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