March 2007

My Day with the Silk Boxers from Hell

It’s a sure sign I haven’t done laundry. The silk boxers go at the bottom of the drawer, so I don’t have to wear them unless their the last ones. After today, they won’t make it back into the drawer. They’re gone… Banished… Forever. I’m extremely sensitive to heat. Sit in a leather / suede chair long enough, and I’ve got to stand up and walk around for awhile. Give me a 70 degree room or cooler, plus a ceiling fan, and I’ll be a happy camper. Not today. Oh no. Not with silk. Bastard silk. I officially hate silk. […]

Getting Raw on Purpose

Yesterday’s post gave me reason to pause and reflect on how I experienced some of the music I mentioned. I can remember the anger, the resentment, the sorrow, and the pain I continually stirred up with those songs. Those songs helped me to develop a false sense of strength, pride, and superiority. These feelings always stayed locked inside. I was never very expressive of my deepest feelings. Let’s get raw on purpose. I’ve wasted too much time attempting to be some super special blogger whom everyone will link to and quote. It’s simply not me. So let’s dispense with the […]

PM Dawn: Returning to Great Music

Some 13 years after the first time I heard “Looking Through Patient Eyes,” I find myself returning to give PM Dawn another listen. You could easily find used copies of their albums at your local CD Warehouse or Half Price Books. That I find myself returning to them is perhaps a long-awaited sign that I am indeed growing up. Youth is characterized by the urge to stay current with latest songs, styles, language, technology, and activities. It’s all about the cool factor. I cannot tell you how much crap I listened to as a teenager because it was cool. Marilyn […]

Life Should Be Somewhat Unpredictable

And if it isn’t, something is probably wrong. You should enjoy your time on earth, not to the exclusion of others, but for the sake of others. Everyone tries to sound all sage and wise, but catchy cliches aren’t the be-all of wisdom. Still, we all seek. We wake, we eat, we work, we date, we love, we hate, we dance, we cry, we sleep, and we try to find the answer to life’s biggest questions: 1. Who am I? 2. What is my purpose? 3. How do I attain that purpose? I’m often jealous of the people who seem […]

Web-Based Industries Promote Dualism

There are thousands of people right now spending all their time viewing one website or another, engaging in social networking, writing code, designing pages, writing copy, buying links, selling ad space, etc. Thousands of people. Imagine that. Imagine the millions if not billions of dollars being spent on fluff right now. Yes, I just called the Internet “fluff.” It is nothing, after all. It is the perception of something not really there. And it promotes dualistic thinking among its users. It invites all web professionals to spend their entire professional lives engaging it, focusing upon it, learning about it – […]

What is Second Life and How Did It Get Compared to MySpace?

I’m doing my thing the other day, reading my RSS feeds to catch up on the news, and I read this article about War Games and MySpace. I think to myself, that’s an odd phrase… hmmm… and I decide the title alone makes the post worth reading. Turns out there’s this group of smart kids at Harvard, MIT, and London Business School who annually participate in this conceptual business challenge. They select a topic and each group involved takes on a different business to calculate which business moves the company is likely to make and which company is likely to […]