You know what the problem is with the Dallas Mavericks? It’s one of the only teams composed of NICE GUYS! There aren’t any wannabe gangstas or drug dealers or egomaniacs, and that makes them a little boring in the eyes of the sensationalist media. The media loves the Cowboys even more because of T.O. He makes enough stupid comments in a season to keep the commentators commentating. He’s job security.

The Mavs are too nice for the media to swallow. Nobody’s accused of rape. Nobody’s nearly killed themselves in a motorcycle accident. They’re possibly the cleanest team in the NBA. On top of that, they kick ass.

If I were a college coach and was approached by the NBA, I’d want to coach a team of players like the Dallas Mavericks. They play like a college team: unselfishly, without the need to take up the spotlight and endorse the latest space age sneaker or artificially colored sports drink.

Do I miss Nash? Of course. But is he a better fit in Phoenix? Absolutely. He’s where he will shine best. Stop comparing Devin Harris and Jason “Jet” Terry to him. It’s not going to work. His drive and leadership were lackluster here. He’s found his niche. So have we. Our Mavs are the best team in the NBA this year.

Mark Cuban is the best owner in the league. Avery Johnson is the best coach. And we have a collection of the best unselfish, college-style players in the league.

All you Mavs haters who hate to compliment the Mavs because they’re not flashy like some other teams, just remember that when it comes to wins and losses, your team’s glitter is cubic zirconia compared to the steel that runs in our veins.

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