• Life Should Be Somewhat Unpredictable

    And if it isn’t, something is probably wrong. You should enjoy your time on earth, not to the exclusion of others, but for the sake of others.

    Everyone tries to sound all sage and wise, but catchy cliches aren’t the be-all of wisdom. Still, we all seek. We wake, we eat, we work, we date, we love, we hate, we dance, we cry, we sleep, and we try to find the answer to life’s biggest questions:

    1. Who am I?

    2. What is my purpose?

    3. How do I attain that purpose?

    I’m often jealous of the people who seem to have ceased asking these questions some time ago. True, most of them have no more clue about the answers than I do, but the very act of not caring or of believing that these questions are illegitimate is difficult not to envy.

    How does one follow one’s heart and pay the bills? I read this encouraging article on career intervention that set the wheels back in motion. The article shares a similar feel to John Eldredge’s book, The Journey of Desire. Both inspire me to strike out in the unknown, but neither offers a map or any serious instructions. Motivation is good, but without direction, motivation leads to either failure or torment.

    Read Eldredge’s book, if you haven’t. Even without the additional tips on how to navigate the unknown, the inspiration alone is something I think our hearts need some exposure to. If all we ever encounter are negative people who have no dreams or hopes or willingness to pursue them, we’ll be tempted to believe as they believe. We need to encounter some folks who are living the dream – taking risks and going after their hearts’ desires. It’s not a fantasy unless you only fantasize about it.