Mark Cuban called me up out of the blue the other day. He said, “Is this Daniel?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “This is Mark… Mark Cuban.” I paused. I continued to pause. Then I said, “Yeah right, buddy! Good one! Who is this really?”

Long story short, Mark told me he liked my blog personality. Apparently the stunt I pulled recently got his attention. He told me that as much as he loves blogging from the old treadmill and other workout machines, he wants to produce more content each day, and asked if I was interested. Knowing that he hasn’t produced more than a couple blogs in a day lately, I agreed with him that more content would be nothing but good for his site, BlogMaverick. I also told him that he could triple the traffic to his site easily by increasing the amount of daily content posted.
The popularity of his blog would be difficult to accept if it weren’t for the fact that people just can’t help but like and gravitate toward Mark Cuban. He’s the most popular basketball team owner in the NBA. He owns successful businesses including a killer movie theater chain. He owns a very popular blog. All he needs, apparently, is me.

I told Mark that I was flattered, and that I would consider his offer. He sweetened the pot a little, and offered me a deal that would be difficult to refuse…

… more details coming…

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