It’s official! My family is moving back to North Texas. There’s nothing like the DFW area. It marks the soul. The only thing greater would be to be rich and travel to exotic places and relax on tropical beaches. I say that now, but summer’s coming and I’ll be ready to go arctic.

We can’t wait to have my family back in the area. We’re hoping to have monthly, if not weekly, Shabbat dinners in our home with family and let our parents help us out with babysitting when the first kid comes along.

Please keep my family in your prayers. They are still looking for work.

Have a great one!

2 responses to “Family Moving Back to Texas”

  1. Not yet… We just got the clean bill of health we’ve pursued for the past three years. Now we’re good to go!

    The family closed the deal on their old house this morning. They’re en route to DFW as we speak! They’ll still live a good half hour from us, but that’s not too far for babysitting when the time comes!!!

  2. I can’t wait to move back to Texas. I never thought I would miss it this much. Oh, and is your wife pregnant????!!!!

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