I wanted to share something that matters today. Something real. There’s enough fluff on the internet already. 

I’m actively limiting my social media exposure right now. I find that comparisons and negativity are infectious, and I don’t need any of it. While FOMO is real and being “in the know” is exciting, I can’t seem to clear the opinions and negativity out of my mind fast enough. 

So I practice the habit of speaking life. To myself. To my wife. To my children. I remind myself to think of something I’m grateful for and I speak it out loud. I read somewhere that the brain responds to audible language far differently than language processed through reading. We can tell ourselves what is true and actually believe it when we speak aloud. 

I don’t mean to say anything irresponsible, because I can say “I’m a millionaire” a hundred times a day and I still won’t be, but I know somehow that it’s true that we are telling ourselves what is true every time we open our mouths and speak – no matter who it’s intended for. 

Now it’s your turn

Give it a try. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait. Think of something that happened today that you can be truly grateful for, and speak it out loud. The next person you see, think of something you admire or appreciate about them, and tell them. 

One walk on the positive side won’t kill you. But if you try it again tomorrow, and again the day after that, eventually you might find yourself feeling just a little more hopeful and thankful about your life as it is. 

It’s a simple thing. You can muster up the energy. Let me know how it goes.

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