Welcome to my website! My name is Daniel. I am terrible at introductions, so bear with me as I push through this.

Things you need to know about me

Hmm… Well, I’m not crazy – I questioned whether I was every day for nearly a decade, so there’s the proof.

I am a writer at heart. I discovered blogging shortly after college. I have owned more blogs than I care to admit.

Web marketing took me on a lengthy sabbatical from writing, and I long to return to writing for writing’s sake in the near future. In the meantime, I’ve purchased land in Middle Tennessee where our family has begun practicing some permaculture homesteading principles as we prepare to produce our own food.

Other Places I Contribute

Years ago I launched a few dozen websites and sold a few along the way. There are only one or two places I can be found online these days…

I share reflections that you might relate to at ASelfObserved.com.

My wife writes for Mommypotamus.com. It’s a blog about real traditional foods, natural remedies, and detailed research on a variety of health, wellness, pregnancy, and baby related topics. I wrote a few times there years ago, but I’m mostly involved behind the scenes now.

I am drawn to people who are:

  • Aware of their unique giftings and purpose
  • Focused and highly skilled in those gifts
  • Passionate about what they do
  • Excellent communicators

I want to hear from you. Drop me a note on my contact page.

~ Daniel D.