I grew up in a small suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. I lived with my wife and three children on a 40 acre homestead in Tennessee for five years. We currently reside in the Florida panhandle.

Graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Married Heather, my college sweetheart. We met seven years earlier in a small church youth group.

A writer at heart.

I’ve started more blogs than I care to admit. I took a copywriting internship in 2005, where I was advised to learn search engine optimization as a secondary skillset. Taking that advice got me my first job as an SEO specialist in 2006 and launched my digital marketing career. Heather launched Mommypotamus.com in 2009 and I left the marketing agency world to join her in 2013.

I’ve created dozens of websites using WordPress. My first WP blog launched in 2005 as a placeholder for a planned future online bookstore. That pop culture website was my playground for a host of SEO and strategic testing. The content of that site has since been integrated here, but I always look back on the CultureFeast days with fondness. That first experience empowered me to build more sites and to help other writers and business owners improve the quality and usability of their WordPress websites. I love the freedom and functionality WP offers to people without coding and design experience.

I spend most of my time reading and journaling. Occasionally I will share something here or on my website, ASelfObserved.com.

For ten years, I oversaw the technical and editorial aspects of  Mommypotamus.com. My wife writes on topics related to real traditional foods, natural remedies, and health research.

I want to hear from you. Drop me a note on my contact page.