Inspired And Constantly Revising

If there’s one true thing that can be said about my digital footprint, it’s that the trail looks like a zombie apocalypse. The dead blogs are redirecting and the undead (abandoned blogs) are traipsing around the interwebs nonchalantly, occasionally chancing upon live prey. My current living (not undead) project is Stop by and say hi. I love getting feedback on my questions and ideas. I’ve been inspired by Seth Godin, who among other semi-mention-worthy achievements (like authoring best-selling books and being one of the most in-demand public speakers), Seth has been blogging every single day for eleven years. ELEVEN! […]

How Do You Socialize and Not Compromise?

One of the greatest challenges Real Food Foodies face is socializing. Nothing kills a friendship buzz like a friend who can’t eat anywhere because everything served is “too toxic.” I mean, pesticides, GMOs, and processed foods are certainly unhealthy. But having lived for nine months with a natural-foods-only family as a teenager, I know how it feels to be treated like a leper (Dr. Pepper was forbidden at the dinner table). Those strong food quality convictions can make for some really undesirable conversations.

Words Mean What They’re Used To Mean

Despite my typical laid-back demeanor, I’ve been accused of being too rigid regarding word choice in a conversation. It’s true. Many a debate has begun over whether a word “can” be used to mean something outside it’s textbook definition.

Are You Constantly Disappointed? You’re Doing It Wrong

If a planet killer asteroid is headed toward you, do you follow the rules that will cost you your life? Or do you break from protocol to save the world? Life is too short to waste on continuously dreaming impossible dreams. To camp out in the land of disappointed, deferred hope is suicide.

One of the Easiest Ways to Impact Children’s Lives

One of the easiest ways for adults to have a greater impact on a child’s sense of self value:Speak up with your affirmation even if others already have.   Just because another adult praises a child for their accomplishment or expresses delight in a child’s effort doesn’t mean the role has been filled. The child wants and needs affirmation from EACH influential adult in their lives.  

Words Don’t Always Mean What We Think They Mean

Pop culture wields amazing power. Words often take on new meanings due to popular use, and their meanings evolve over generations to match the current mindset of the people. We think we know what we’re saying, but do we really? It’s important to call attention to assumptions, though, because we build entire thought processes and philosophies upon the supposed meanings of words. Your entire life is shaped by the decisions you make based on what you believe words to mean.