Hello world!

This is a divine reset. What you do with it could determine the next ten years of your life. What will you do?

When I don’t express my gratitude in any given situation, it’s not because I can’t. I’m never forcibly prohibited from thankfulness. It’s a choice. I used to tell myself that I couldn’t be thankful during the bad times. Whether because I feel like it’s not fair, it’s not just, or it’s not kind. Or I tell myself that I’m not glad this is happening. So what? 

I don’t HAVE to NOT be thankful. So when I’m not, it’s because I choose to not be. And since thankfulness is ALWAYS within my power, there is no limit to the things I can choose to be thankful for. 

It’s up to me.

Daniel Dessinger

Is It Love? Or Blood Sugar?

Have you ever felt a sudden swoon of warmth and affection and immediately professed your love and affection to someone? You know, sometimes it’s so hard to feel the affection you’ve felt before for a spouse, child, or loved one. Sometimes affection seems so easy and close at hand. Others, it’s a distant memory you try to reinstitute through ritual or practice.

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The Biggest Problem People Have Communicating

“The biggest communication problem is that we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply.”


How many times have you “patiently” waited for someone to finish speaking so you could complete your thought? Under the wrong circumstances, we treat pauses as a necessary evil to allow the other person to speak – but only so we will have earned the right to speak more.

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What Impact Could Your Words Have?

Twenty years ago, if you were publishing content on the Internet you were blazing a trail for tens of millions to follow. Your words had the opportunity to shape lives. Not because you were smarter or wiser than everyone else. It’s because you were one of a few voices getting a LOT of attention.

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Inspired And Constantly Revising

If there’s one true thing that can be said about my digital footprint, it’s that the trail looks like a zombie apocalypse. The dead blogs are redirecting and the undead (abandoned blogs) are traipsing around the interwebs nonchalantly, occasionally chancing upon live prey.

My current living (not undead) project is ASelfObserved.com. Stop by and say hi. I love getting feedback on my questions and ideas.

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