• Real Talk Missing In The Church

    There’s so much real talk missing in the church. I think that’s because there are vacant societal roles we haven’t popularized yet. We have preachers and teachers who talk doctrine and scripture and faith, and we have business people who talk strategies and innovations and principles.

  • Ricky Gervais Threw Down The Gauntlet On Faith Healers

    I’m not a big fan of televangelism. It comes across as flashy or melodramatic at times and lacks a certain grit of authenticity. So when Ricky Gervais published this tweet about faith healers, I don’t know if he was addressing the Hollywood version of people who pray for healing or all people who pray for […]

  • What Does Permaculture Have To Do With The Rapture?

    If you visited Culture Feast since the relaunch, you’ve likely skimmed through the post on how Jacques Ellul challenges my eschatology (i.e. my understanding of how the End Times will unfold). I wouldn’t fault you if you stopped dead in your tracks and bailed after the first paragraph or two. After all, we all know […]

  • Jacques Ellul Challenges My Eschatology

    As a child growing up around Methodists, Baptists, and Charismatics, I soaked up a hodgepodge of End Times theories. The most common End of the World issue was “The Rapture”, and whether it would come before the great tribulation, during the great tribulation, or after. If you’re not familiar with these age-old religious terms, let’s get […]

  • Exchanging Church the Institution for Church the Mirror Image

    It’s happening right now. The institutional church is fading. Even while many megachurches are on the rise, the church as an institution is fading. The power and the presence are not reaching levels we desire. We’re not living up to 1st Century Church. Two thousand years of history to learn from, and we’re still on […]

  • Renewing the Mind Takes More Than Good Intentions

    I intended to renew my mind each and every day. And by “intended to”, I really mean “purposefully avoided.” It’s not that I don’t want the benefits of a renewed mind. Obviously I do. It’s that I don’t want to put in the work. Or even more precise, I don’t want to sacrifice the time […]

  • The New Old Model of Evangelism

    Bringing a friend to church as a means of evangelism is dead. It may work in something like 10% of cases. In other words, not often enough to rely upon old wineskins. The most impactful evangelism is America is happening when signs and wonders accompany expressions of love. People want to love God. The real […]

  • Calling Forth the Spirit-Filled EMTs

    It’s time for the Church, both individually and corporately, to step up to the plate. A couple years ago, I saw a picture in my imagination of Christians all across the Metroplex working shifts like EMTs, responding to car wrecks and other calamities, to lay hands on the injured and see them recover. One of […]

  • What Do You Do When God’s Answer is Delayed?

    As most of you know, we’ve had a vision for the next phase for a while now. It involves a bigger house on some land, and becoming a community hub where families come together to eat, swap recipes and health tips, and like-minded people call on the name of the Lord in worship and prayer.

  • The Idea that Scientists Aren’t Influenced By Faith

    This is a common discussion I find myself in whenever I meet a radical science proponent who believes faith has nothing to do with science. I just had this dialogue via IM, so I thought I’d share with you as an example. DD: tell me how you know they’re (scientists) telling the truth. and you […]