• Am I Worried Too Much About Other People’s Problems?

    Have you heard about people who’ve taken sick days to recuperate from the heavy emotional toll of world events? When a tragedy strikes, some people are so caught up in the details and the stories that it affects their ability to function.

  • What Causes Lack of Self Awareness?

    If you’re particularly aware of your surroundings and what makes people tick, it may surprise you to discover how little self-awareness some people have. It seems preposterous to go through life unaware of why we want what we want, why we do what we do, and why we avoid what we avoid. More people lack […]

  • Are Decorative Towels a Sign We’ve Lost Our Way?

    A friend from high school recently posted a meme on Facebook of a fall seasonal kitchen towel. The meme was a funny PSA to inform men NOT to wipe their grubby hands on these towels because they are intended ONLY for decoration. Check it out below! In response, she insisted that this PSA shouldn’t be […]

  • Mystical Authority or Business Salesmanship?

    When I talk to pastors, doctors, and therapists, there are many awkward silences on my end during our conversations. I’m sure I give many awkward facial expressions. I can’t really help it.

  • Real Talk Missing In The Church

    There’s so much real talk missing in the church. I think that’s because there are vacant societal roles we haven’t popularized yet. We have preachers and teachers who talk doctrine and scripture and faith, and we have business people who talk strategies and innovations and principles.

  • What Does It Look Like to Be There For Someone?

    What does it mean to actually “be there” for someone? We often check in and ask questions like: “How’s it going?” “How are you?” “How can I help?”

  • Honest Doubt is Better than Faux Faith

    “Christianity has suffered more casualties from faux faith than from honest doubt.”

  • The Dark Side of Living By Faith

    Worship songs about victory, healing, and unconditional love can hurt like barbed wire to people desperately searching for a way out of anxiety and trauma. There’s nothing quite so isolating as hearing “your people” convey a completely different reality than you live each and every day.

  • Whining Is A Choice

    Just like every other word you speak, whining is a choice. You select the words that come out of your mouth and you give it texture with sound, tone, and physical expression.  If you choose to whine about your difficulties, that’s your decision. But own it as your decision. It’s not an accident that happens […]

  • Are You Afraid of Failure?

    At age 21, I dreamed of writing epic novels inspired by C. S. Lewis. In the twenty some years since I first dreamed that dream, have I written a single novel? Heck no.  And why? Simple: Fear.