October 2009

Looking for Awesome Blogs to Read

As I mentioned on Twitter recently, I’ve been reevaluating twitter follows, RSS feeds, and even my very own blog strategy. For too long, I wandered through my adult life, looking for the inside track to success. Whether it was a super secret method of building blog traffic or just noticing trends before they were trends […]

Watching the Mavs

The Mavs started out okay tonight, but even with the score in their favor, Dallas is weak in the paint. That’s what you get when your starting power forward plays like a guard and your center can’t score to save his life.
Kobe didn’t dress up for this one. They’re speculating on tv that its because […]

My First Impression of the Motorola CLIQ

It’s officially Day 2 of owning my Motorola CLIQ, but since I just got my data package activated this afternoon, I consider this Day 1. I have some realistic observations of the CLIQ, both pro and con. But I promise to be fair. No buyer’s ecstasy or Apple hatred clouding my judgment. I’m not a […]

First Lennard Darbee Podcast Now Available

For those of you who have been asking for it, it’s finally here. I posted the very first Lennard Darbee: Rays of Faith podcast yesterday. You can check it out at
The goal is post one podcast per week, and also provide a transcription of the podcast for those who don’t have time to listen […]

CNN Video: Why Barefoot Running is Better

Check out this video from CNN. The guy they’re interviewing gives some historical background as to how and why he transitioned from traditional running shoes to barefoot. He wrote the book, Born to Run. He also shares some explanations of why barefoot running is better for your body.
My favorite quote from the video:
“The foot is […]

Day 78: Wearing Regular (GASP) Shoes Today

Last night was a crazy severe thunderstorm in my neck of the metroplex. Rather than face the world with soggy feet and a bitter heart (the inevitable result of cold, soggy feet), I chose to rebel! That’s right, I wore REGULAR shoes!
Wow. How exciting. I’m a regular extreme sports spontaneous kind of guy. Who doesn’t […]