Last night was a crazy severe thunderstorm in my neck of the metroplex. Rather than face the world with soggy feet and a bitter heart (the inevitable result of cold, soggy feet), I chose to rebel! That’s right, I wore REGULAR shoes!

Wow. How exciting. I’m a regular extreme sports spontaneous kind of guy. Who doesn’t like to get his feet wet.

That’s right. Both pairs of my Vibram FiveFingers are porous just above the hard rubber sole and let all kinds of water in. And once the water is in, there’s no having dry shoes for the rest of the work day. So I abandoned my VFFs and picked up a pair of tube socks (GASP) and my trusty old Diesels.

For this one day, no one will stare at my feet or ask me where I got my shoes. Sigh. Normalcy is so boring.