Check out this video from CNN. The guy they’re interviewing gives some historical background as to how and why he transitioned from traditional running shoes to barefoot. He wrote the book, Born to Run. He also shares some explanations of why barefoot running is better for your body.

My favorite quote from the video:

“The foot is the greatest disciplinarian. You can’t over-pronate, can’t over-train, can’t over-stride … if you do anything wrong, the foot will tell you `uh uh, don’t do that’. Shoes are like morphine: a sedative that deadens the pain.”

Dr. Mercola posted this video on his site and added some commentary beneath about some health benefits of barefoot running. I also discovered from this page that Dr. Mercola wears VIBRAM FIVEFINGERS on a daily basis as well. We’re an elite club.

You can order Christopher McDougal’s book, Born to Run, from below.