No big surprise here, I guess. The Texas State Fair was a viral hotbed this year. Everyone I’ve spoken to about being sick these past few weeks has either attended the State Fair or is close to someone who has.

More interestingly, one person I spoke with made an odd observation: The hand sanitizer near the petting zoo was sticky rather than slippery and contained no alcoholic smell. These are typical signs of your run-of-the-mill hand sanitizer. Granted, considering the hundreds of gallons of hand cleaner necessary to handle those throngs at the Fair, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they cut a few corners to cut costs. But what WAS in that hand sanitizer?

It may be complete coincidence. Several people I’ve spoken with used that hand sanitizer and were ill within 24-48 hours. Of course, they probably all touched other things in common as well. But it makes me wonder. Not having gone this year, I can only gather secondhand tales and piece them together.

This is the perfect conspiracy theory. What if something viral were introduced to the public at the largest consistent public gathering in North Texas? Whether intentional or accidental, that would make for a serious story.

But I get it. You don’t have to tell me. More than likely, it’s just sick people spreading their germs in tight quarters. I just felt the theory had to be mentioned “in case” I continue to hear accounts of the strange hand sanitizer. So you tell me. Did you go to the Fair? Did you use the hand sanitizer? Did it seem unusual to you? Did you get sick?

Let’s create a conspiracy baseline, shall we?

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