September 2007

Revisiting Roswell

I can't remember why exactly I ended up watching Roswell reruns. Oh wait! Now I do. It was because of my beloved StumbleUpon. I stumbled upon a site where you can watch tv reruns and movies for free via streaming video. Roswell was on the list, and I couldn't help but watch.  Roswell was that one show that Heather and I bonded over in college. We'd go over to her mom's house and watch it while Heather devoured more buttered popcorn than any 110 pound model should be allowed. To be fair, sometimes it was cookies. She was also into […]

Cecil and Prince: A Father’s Responsibility

It is a father's natural responsibility to affirm and approve of his son. It doesn't matter whether you intended to be a father or not. It doesn't matter how absent your father was. Too many men apparently don't want to know that they have the power of assigning value and worth to a child. It's not a sexist statement. Fathers and mothers impart different things to their children.  I am saddened when I hear about Prince Fielder, a consideration for Major League Baseball's NL MVP award, say that he doesn't care about awards except insofar as his father (Cecil Fielder) […]

My First Fantasy Football Experience

It's an understatement to say that my first experience with fantasy football began with a whimper, not a bang. One week into the 2007-2008 NFL season, Aaron asks me to fill in the last slot in their fantasy football league. Fantasy leagues have been a sort of mystery to me. I've known about them for the past five years, but never cared to learn more.  I've been a little curious, though, so I agreed to give this a shot. I followed the email link to Yahoo! Sports and created my team – the DoubleDs. Learning as I went, I set […]

Tony Romo Is the Real Deal

Despite what some naysayers have said recently about Tony Romo, those of us enlightened individuals know better. He is no Jake Delhomme. He is the great Tony Romo, and I'd buy and start a Dallas Cowboy's blog if I could ( IS apparently for sale for $500, but i hate .nets).  Some will say he hasn't proven himself yet. Fine. But I happen to respect Joe Theismann and Joe says that Dallas has found a gem in Tony Romo. He likes what he sees out of his ability to throw and run and make things happen for this team. […]

This Week’s Idiots and Champs

I can’t help but write about today’s current events there are so many interesting and juicy topics in the mainstream media circle, so let’s get started. First, the Idiots: O.J Simpson There is really nothing I can say about O.J. Does anybody really care? Apparently, he is all over the news with alleged armed robbery charges – holding some memorabilia dealers at gun point accusing them of stealing his “s***” . All I can say is that Karma’s a bitch and I hope he rots in jail so we don’t have to see his ugly sociopath face all over the […]

Good Communicators: When NOT to Speak

Not everyone is a good communicator. That's fairly obvious. What isn't so obvious, or at least commonly discussed, is when it's a good time for even talented communicators to zip the lip. Some of you communicators out there feel entitled to speak at all times, given the fact that when you do speak, people understand what is being said.  Having a gift isn't the same as being mature, however. This is where people get confused. There are many skilled communicators who are VERY immature. There are various reasons for stunted growth in social and emotional areas, and we won't cover […]