• This Week’s Idiots and Champs

    I can’t help but write about today’s current events there are so many interesting and juicy topics in the mainstream media circle, so let’s get started.

    First, the Idiots:

    O.J Simpson

    There is really nothing I can say about O.J. Does anybody really care? Apparently, he is all over the news with alleged armed robbery charges – holding some memorabilia dealers at gun point accusing them of stealing his “s***” . All I can say is that Karma’s a bitch and I hope he rots in jail so we don’t have to see his ugly sociopath face all over the news again.

    Barry Manilow

    Barry refused to appear in a scheduled interview on the popular morning show “The View” because he did not want to sit on the same stage with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a self-proclaimed conservative sister-in-law of Matt Hasselbeck – starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Barry is a close friend to Rosie O’ Donnell. Both play together in very far leftfield. Is it me, or are all extreme liberals cowards, especially the washed up singers who sucked even in their prime? By the way, I think it is a genius marketing ploy by Manilow. Not.

    Isiah Thomas

    Thomas is in the middle of a sexual assault case with a former Knick executive, Browne Sanders. Apparently he thinks it is okay for a black man to call a black woman a “bitch” and a “ho”. But if a white man said it, that would be offensive. Sounds like he and Don Imus have a lot in common, except Imus is out of work and Thomas still has a job and apparently doesn’t care if white season ticket holders cancel or don’t buy. What is James Dolan thinking?

    Sally Fields

    Sally accepted an award at the Emmy’s. Part of her acceptance speech went like this: “If mothers ruled the world there would be no God D*** wars in the first place.” What does this say about Sally?

    50 Cent

    Well, it looks like we will be missing out on one of Hip Hops biggest and brightest stars who vowed to retire if fellow Artist Kanye West sold more albums than him. Both albums were released the same day September the 11th –“Graduation leads with 781,000 copies sold over the 603,000 moved by 50 Cent’s Curtis, according to projections” I have a feeling this won’t stick. If I were to buy an album it would be Kanye’s.

    The New England Patriots and Bill Belichick um CHEATERS!!!!!!

    The Patriots have been caught red handed using video assistant Matt Estrella to record defensive signals by the New York Jets coaching staff. The Patriots have been known to sign players who have been cut from other teams, hire them to play for the Patriots, and then cut them after the New England coaching staff have suckered them out of all the useful information about their previous employers. Tom Brady isn’t the only ladies man in the New England Organization, Bill has been accused of being the significant other in a New Jersey divorce case, so he obviously condones cheating……Speaking of bastards, is Tom Brady still acting out the deadbeat dad role or am I getting him confused with “Norbit” GO COWBOYS !!!!!!!

    Perez Hilton

    Aside from this chump’s alter ego I just can’t stand this flamboyant gossip blogger who gets way too much credit for a (guy/girl/thing) with the intellectual ability of a goldfish and only has the capacity and substance to write about things that are the equivalent of Michael Vick’s diarrhea.

    And now, for the Champs:

    The Dallas Cowboys

    The Cowboys signed Tank Johnson to a two year deal. I think this is a great move for the Cowboys. It makes them deeper and will help the defense out tremendously, especially since Ferguson is out with injuries. Tank is known to be some what problematic. He is on probation for gun charges (no permits) and he violated probation. The Bears cut him. Tank is suspended for the next 8 games with the Cowboys and will make his debut in November. I am sure there are a lot of Cowboy cry babies out there who think this is a bad move. Well, I am here to tell you IT’S NOT ….. Really what do the Cowboys have to lose?

    Brad Pitt

    “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” starring Brad Pitt comes to theaters September 21st watched the trailer. Looking forward to the movie.