February 2007

Is HPV the Result of Pesticide Spraying?

Amidst the uproar over Texas Governor Rick Perry’s HPV vaccine mandate, there are rumors over the causes of the virus. While news stations including WFAA Channel 8 (Dallas/Fort Worth ABC affiliate) continue to describe the human papillomavirus as a “sexually transmitted disease” (STD), there are rumors surfacing about the true origins of HPV. Some sources claim that a form of HPV is actually transmitted via widespread chemtrails and/or pesticide sprayings. Toxins in the air both weaken the immune system and carry poisons which the human body will react to in various defensive ways. These sources believe that Merck & Co. […]

Hollywood Follows Comic Book Trends

Look at the difference between 1950s and ’60s comic books and those drawn and written in the 1990s. Older comic books were more about developing story lines, while newer books even of the same title have become more and more about sensationalistic artwork. Look at Spiderman of the ’60s versus Spiderman of the ’90s. Did he ‘roid up, or what? Everything about those same comic books are newer, flashier, more muscular, and more sensational. The ’90s saw the advent of the full page spread, where the pencils and inks flaunted their stuff, highlighting every crease in the face or bulge […]

Dallas Fort Worth COBOL Analyst For Hire

If your company is looking for a COBOL Programmer/Analyst, contact me at daniel-at-culturefeast-dot-com. I know someone relocating to the DFW area who is looking for a position as a full-time or contract COBOL programmer/analyst. He has 10+ years experience as an information systems analyst, and glowing recommendations from past co-workers and supervisors. Please send this information out to anyone you know who might be looking for COBOL programmers/analysts, and have them contact me.

Regretting Things You Cannot Change

some things you cannot change some things you will not understand if you were here, if you were here always hoping for the best ignoring sharp pains in your chest…. always sometimes it hurts and there’s no fix for months or even years ahead what do you do when nothing works to ease the claustrophobia inside your head. sometimes it hurts someone more than you what can you do? what can you do? when the pain cannot be stopped by you what can you do? what can you do? sometimes you thrash and moan and cry when no one takes […]

Top 10 Signs You are a Starbucks Tramp

Seven years ago, I was proud of my little independent coffee shop right down the street. But then a Starbucks moved in. Within two years, the indie shop moved to downtown. i was stuck with Starbucks, a name brand I had always associated with everything soulless and cheap about American business. That was, of course, until I saw their prices. They’re definitely not the Wal-Mart of the coffee shop industry! Since there was no one else, I gave Starbucks a chance. Truthfully, it was the college campus Starbucks that gave us a $70 credit that really got us hooked. Not […]

Office Cubicles are Evil

How many people do you know that live like robots, trudging off to the office every day, to do the same thing over and over and over while trapped in their own personal 4’x4′ cell. Office Space became an instant cult classic for a reason: millions of Americans feel trapped with no way out. Once upon a time, corporate executives sat down and asked themselves how to orchestrate the office environment to promote productivity. First, they had to determine the obstructions to productivity and then design to prevent those horrible things. Sadly, these schmucks thought that face to face interaction […]