Unless you belong to the 1% of Americans labeled “freakishly strange” or ” for your health conscious diet, you’ve been taken for a ride by just about everyone involved in the sales and production of food. What’s the deal? How could so many companies possibly be so bad as the conspiracy theories say?

Food product manufacturers build their companies and their profits upon a few accurate suppositions:

  1. You are most concerned with how products immediately make you feel
  2. You are not a chemist
  3. You do not know what most of the chemical ingredients are
  4. You do not know how those chemicals affect the human body
  5. You do not care, because it’s inconvenient to pay attention
  6. You do not believe that corporations could be so evil as to hurt their customers in order to make a profit
  7. You disassociate yourself from the affects of the food they eat because you don’t want to accept responsibility of finding and preparing healthy food

Some things we know are dangerous. It’s illegal in New York to sell foods made with transfat. Most people have heard by now about the dangers of red food dye. But what about high fructose corn syrup? Or genetically modified corn? Or artificially created folic acid?

The list goes on and on. Everything the average American eats is deadly. The ancient Greeks displayed amazing insight when they claimed, “Death begins in the colon.”

Think about it. And ask yourself whether all those companies should make a profit off of your unwillingness to get involved.

3 responses to “7 Reasons Why They Sell You Deadly Foods”

  1. I have always wondered about this! If certain foods are so bad for us then why are they allowed to sell them??!! I think it all goes back to moderation, which I haven’t been abiding by lately. Taco Bell is my weakness!

    P.S. If you can’t tell I’m trying to catch up on reading all of your blog posts.

  2. Yes, the sudden onslaught of comments was hard to miss! It’s fine with me… I’d rather you comment than you don’t!

    FYI – I am what you would call a “paradox.” I have learned much (and even philosophized a tad) about what is good for the body and what is harmful… Yet I somehow manage to eat a combination of organic and completely toxic junk food. One meal is one, the next meal is the other. It’s quite nonsensical, to be honest.

    But that’s how I roll.

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