Regretting Things You Cannot Change

some things you cannot change
some things you will not understand
if you were here, if you were here
always hoping for the best
ignoring sharp pains in your chest…. always

sometimes it hurts and there’s no fix
for months or even years ahead
what do you do when nothing works
to ease the claustrophobia inside your head.

sometimes it hurts someone more than you
what can you do? what can you do?
when the pain cannot be stopped by you
what can you do?
what can you do?

sometimes you thrash and moan and cry
when no one takes away the pain
or when, like now, your closest one
feels all alone like when we die.

By Daniel

Daniel has been blogging since 2005. He lives near the Florida gulf coast with his wife and three children. He's privately solemn, but publicly flippant. Introspective introvert Big picture thinker SEO Analyst. Blog Taster

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