Texas Governor Rick Perry is serious about mandating that every public school girl receive a vaccine for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This is the time to start worrying. Why? Every major vaccine people receive causes undesirable and even dangerous side effects. Think of several million girls in Texas all passing along some birth defect or mild retardation to their future children because they all received this experimental HPV vaccine.

First and foremost, always be concerned when government demands that the people receive a certain type of medical treatment when said treatment can only be provided by one company. This is dangerous! Merck is the giant pharmaceutical company awarded the contract of providing all of these vaccine shots. Doesn’t that make you nervous? The question each and every one of us should be asking is: What is the government getting in return from Merck?

Is it payday for Rick Perry? Are they going to fund his next political campaign? What money and/or power has been promised in return for this multi-million dollar business deal?

These are questions that need to be asked because the motivations of a government and a pharmaceutical drive them to make the decisions they make. Is Rick Perry on the take? Why are thousands upon thousands of adolescent females now the guinea pigs of a “tested” vaccine which has not been tested long enough to determine long-term side effects, especially in relation to childbirth?

Someone needs to demand answers. Don’t let Rick Perry and Merck stick a needle in your arm because they’re bigger than you.

6 responses to “Texas Governor in Bed with Big Pharmaceuticals”

  1. I was talking about this with some older friends. They said something similar happened back in the 60s I think it was. Babies were being born with flippers instead of arms due to some type of vaccine they were given.

  2. Actually comment #1 is completely true. There are plenty of medications on the market (and being perscribed everyday) that can cause severe birth defects.

    There is a popular acne medication that in order to take it you have to be on 3 types of birth control and have your blood tested monthly while you take it. And you have to continue the birth control for a certain time period after you complete the medication.

  3. So I’m guessing you are against this vaccination? What is the current status on this? I haven’t had a chance to catch up on the story in the news.

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