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  • The WHY Behind Blogging

    I may have met my book writing soulmate. In his book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek tells us that the businesses and people who make the greatest impact are those who begin by answering the question WHY.

    We have three primary questions to answer, and both how we answer them and in which order we answer them determines who we will be and how fulfilled we’ll be with our decision-making.


  • Time for Silence

    I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging recently, and have chosen to focus on other areas of life for the time being. I may update sporadically, but for now, if for some odd reason you’d like a glimpse into life at the Potamus farm, stop by Mommypotamus.com and see what we’re up to.

    God bless.

  • What Do You Want to Be Known For?

    Day 6 of 30

    As a person who has owned 30+ different blogs on unique domains, I’ve asked myself this question over and over again. Not because I’m necessarily getting deeper into the answer, but because I’ve repeatedly caught myself getting derailed and not pursuing what’s most important.

    What do I want to be known for?


  • My Wife Just Keeps Getting Hotter

    I thought my wife was hot in college. And trust me, she was. I was all goofy inside when I’d look at her. That’s partly why I married her. I’m not ashamed to say it. I like beauty. I didn’t want to ever feel the need to lie about how beautiful she looks. So I was picky. VERY picky. And I wanted to know beyond a reasonable doubt that I’d still be attracted to the woman I married 20 years later. Check.


  • Comment Spammers: 2nd Time’s the Charm

    There’s a new level of blog comment spam out there that’s as wonderfully clever as it is evil. Here’s how it looks:

    Imagine you wrote a blog post about kola nuts. A few days later, you see this comment awaiting moderation:

    “Extracts from kola nuts are great energy boosters. Couple kola nut extracts with Vitamin B complex to increase energy and stamina. In addition, this combination will enhance circulation, protein metabolism and also maintain hormone balance.”


  • If an Ideal Blogging Niche Exists for Me, Maybe it’s The Struggle

    I don’t want to go over again how weary I am. I’ve been at a loss for a blogging niche I can emotionally and mentally commit to. A less stubborn individual might take that as a sign from God that maybe blogging isn’t to be the most important thing in my life right now. After all, God supplies bounteously according to our callings, right? Sheesh… I better move on to my point before logic and revelation deconstruct my last shred of blogging impetus.

    Then it struck me: what if my niche is the struggle itself? The struggle for identity. The struggle to understand what it means to have a prophetic calling. The struggle between business and ministry. The struggle to end the struggling.

    It “may” be that God has a time of hidden study for me, and I keep avoiding it and trying my darnedest to break out into the spotlight. If so, God help me. I’m more of an attention whore than I’d like to admit.

  • There’s Room for a Serious Child Prodigy Blog

    Of all the blog ideas that have come and gone, one that I wish someone other than me would attack is a serious child prodigy blog. I want stories, video, audio, testimonials, historical records, talent searches… the works.

    Why put a limit on it? Stories, stories, and more stories. Children who invent, create, comprehend, and advance well beyond their age or expectation.

    Who’s ready to step up and take the challenge?

  • Pursuit = Love

    Thoughts on this statement? “If no one pursues you, you’re not valuable. If you’re always the pursuer, you’ve never been loved.”


  • The Number One Reason Why I Don’t Blog Much Anymore

    After two days of PubCon, I feel shamed back into blogging. So I went to my blog this morning, looked at it, and asked myself, “Why don’t I blog anymore?”

    So then I’m watching this old Perry Belcher video, and I suddenly see the light. Amazing, right? If you don’t want to take time to watch the video, here’s the bottom line:


  • My Blogs Are Back in Business

    If you tried to visit any of my sites over the past few days, you’ve probably run into a giant error screen. This was the weekend of transferring hosting. I’ve actually regressed, going from a dedicated server to shared hosting, and here’s why: