• My Wife Just Keeps Getting Hotter

    I thought my wife was hot in college. And trust me, she was. I was all goofy inside when I’d look at her. That’s partly why I married her. I’m not ashamed to say it. I like beauty. I didn’t want to ever feel the need to lie about how beautiful she looks. So I was picky. VERY picky. And I wanted to know beyond a reasonable doubt that I’d still be attracted to the woman I married 20 years later. Check.

    I thought my wife was hot when she started her own business. With nothing more than a college degree and the desire to graduate beyond beer cart girl status, Mommypotamus chose to become a medical biller. I can’t tell you how difficult that was. Starting a small business. Learning the position. Selling her abilities to total strangers. Learning the complex world of health insurance companies, proper coding, and how to get things done when a customer service rep gives you the runaround.

    I thought my wife was hot when she helped the government track down deadbeat dads. For a brief period, she took a contract position in which she went through case files and tracked down leads for dads hiding and refusing to pay child support. In addition to making a good friend in the office, Heather was able to make a difference for single moms and children desperately seeking the money owed them by these derelict dads.

    I thought my wife reached the pinnacle of hotness when she became a blogger. She agreed to start blogging and see it through for at least six months. Every weekday for six months, she published original content that was both interesting and useful to her community and, by the end of that experiment, Mommypotamus.com was in her blood and destined for greatness.

    Is there anything hotter than my wife blogging? I mean, I love blogging. It’s my favorite thing in the world after journaling. But watching my wife create unique and compelling content, respond to commentors, and then wade through the emails and Facebook messages of people with questions and stories and appreciation for all her hard work? Amazing.

    But now, my wife is even hotter. As I write this (Thursday night), she is speaking to the Tarrant County Birth Network about baby nutrition. She’s stepping out of her comfort zone, trying something new. She’s influencing people and sharing important information she’s spent a lot of time gathering. She’s honing those public-facing skills that I naturally love and value so highly. I’m so proud of her. It’s in her blood… she just doesn’t know it yet. Ever since we were married, I had a vision of her doing a lot more public communication. I sensed the innate ability and knew that as she grew and learned and discovered her passion, she would by necessity take on a more public role to share what she’s learned.

    And this REALLY turns me on.

    NOTE: In case you’re wondering (I know some of you moms out there will be), I purposefully didn’t talk about how hot she was for becoming a mom. That’s a sacred reality I don’t share with anyone. These others are external enough to warrant talk of her hotness.