• The Number One Reason Why I Don’t Blog Much Anymore

    After two days of PubCon, I feel shamed back into blogging. So I went to my blog this morning, looked at it, and asked myself, “Why don’t I blog anymore?”

    So then I’m watching this old Perry Belcher video, and I suddenly see the light. Amazing, right? If you don’t want to take time to watch the video, here’s the bottom line:

    1. The Non-Stop Social Networking Party

    Social Media Sites are like parties. Make conversation like a REAL person, just like you would at a party. Get to know people. Help them. Find common interests or spark new interests in each other.

    2. Blog Sweet Home

    Your blog is your home. It’s where you live. People decorate their homes with photos and knickknacks. These items express who you are. When you’re at “The Party”, you get people’s information and invite people over to your house. They come over, look around, shoot the breeze, and grow comfortable with you and your family. At your blog, you talk about what you do for a living. You link out to your professional blogs/sites. Not everyone who comes over to your blog / house needs or wants your services, but they store the info on what you do in case they can use it later or run across someone else who might benefit from the recommendation.

    3. Your Job

    When it comes to social media, you don’t introduce yourself as a business or a product. No one wants to meet the guy that says, “Hello, I’m Stan and I sell blenders. Would you like to buy a blender from me?” Lame. You’re a person, first and foremost, making friends. It’s the natural way to engage.

    This Explains Everything

    And THAT, my friends, is why I don’t blog much anymore. You don’t go around parties telling people that you enjoy reading the Bible and journaling revelation from God. That’s a good way to become the instant outcast. And yet, that’s what I love to do. I DO have other interests, of course, but you don’t know me until you know my faith and what I hunger for. Until then, you’ve just met a slim portion of me.

    So there’s my dilemma. No one goes to a party and talks about God because far too many people are conditioned to hear “Hi, I’m judgmental!” based on their past experience. So I end up talking about the other person, work, or sports. And that’s it.

    I love hearing God speak. I love sharing what I hear God say about other people. I love seeing people’s lives changed when they realize God actually knows them and cares. But try saying that at a party… even a virtual one. Maybe I just haven’t learned how.