Californians Call for a Calexit

You knew that half of Americans were going to be outraged no matter which candidate won. If Hillary had won, you’d likely hear a swell coming from the South, including Texas, of the desire to secede from the Union. But in this case, Trump won the electoral vote, and a group of outraged┬áCalifornians are proposing […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Partisan Voter

Everyone I knew growing up was a partisan voter, and they ALL fell into the category of the GOP. Democrats became taboo – these wild eyed, ex-hippies who’d rather smoke a blunt than go to church (actually, they probably do both). My Republicans never belonged to the NRA-lovers, but they did believe in the right […]

If Search Popularity Elected Presidents…

Then Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would be neck and neck, with John Edwards trailing with only 25% of the popularity of either one of the others. I have a bet going with Mystery SEO (no links again!) on who will win. We’re not betting for anything except the privilege of being “right.” Our selections […]

Texas Gubernatorial Election 2006

It’s a sad day in Texas. Someone running for governor has to be elected. For the first time in history, there are four candidates running neck and neck for the prize. How can there be four? Simple. No one is qualified. One of the largest states in the Union, and we can’t come up with […]

Conflicting Views of Israel

It seems that Israel cannot be mentioned without some comment about conflict or war. To many poorly educated people, this fact seems proof of Israel’s fault. After all, one country with so many enemies cannot be in the right, can it? I am not Jewish, but I respect and honor the Jewish people. And no, […]