Texans are hot over immigration. Demonstration after demonstration from both sides of the issue prove that this is not a topic that can be ignored. Strange, how a topic can go largely undiscussed for decades and then explode onto the scene as a major political and communal issue. Where did this all begin? Who knows. All I know is one day I am wondering why President Bush hasn’t done more to stop illegal immigration and the next I am watching thousands of Hispanic students demonstrating in downtown Fort Worth and Dallas. Why are they demonstrating? I didn’t have the opportunity to ask. Probably a bill on the floor of the state or national legislature. As Cinco de Mayo drew near, Texans against illegal immigration marched down Interstate 30 in Arlington. Apparently, they didn’t want to be outdone by a bunch of high school kids. The television news stations were, of course, delighted to cover a “newsworthy” event. But after hearing both sides, I was bored and changed the channel. The topic of immigration has become too personal in Texas. That’s what happens when a significant percentage of your population is the same nationality as the illegals. The problem is, people are looking at illegal immigrants with a compassion only overstuffed Americans could manage. Law is law. Illegal immigration is illegal. Don’t feel sorry for people who violate our laws. Feel sorry for people in need. Do what you can to help them. But don’t ask our government to condone and financially support those who spit on our nation’s laws.

If people in Mexico have such poor working conditions, someone needs to get the ball rolling and start a national revolution for change. Mexico is a grand country with beautiful people. They deserve more than to abandon ship because their own country refuses to change. Here are some ideas that I think would make a difference: 1. The U.S. government applies serious pressure to Mexico to make the political and economic changes necessary for improved working and living conditions for its people. 2. Encourage American Hispanics to get relevant educations and then return to Mexico to lead this economic revolution. 3. Decide what our policies are once and for all concerning illegal immigration and stick to them regardless of how many thousands of people try to violate the law. Law is not undone because of the number of people who oppose it.

Law is undone when Law is changed by the lawmakers, or when the lawmakers refuse to enforce it. You see, the burden has been put upon our country because the other country has neglected its responsibility. Mexico is behaving like the man who gets the woman pregnant and then refuses to accept any responsibility for his actions. If millions of people want to leave your country, FIX YOUR PROBLEMS!!!! It is solely because Mexico has such a poor national system that so many of its people come here. Fix the system, and the people will stay and contribute. The contributions will further strengthen the country and eventually Mexico will not be sending its children away to find food.

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