Join actor Don Cheadle and Amnesty International and demand justice for these crimes against humanity. According to,

Since 2003, thousands of women and girls have been raped or subjected to other forms of sexual violence in Darfur Two million civilians have been forced to flee their homes and over 200,000 remain in refugee camps in Chad The International Criminal Court (ICC) is investigating crimes in Darfur. It now recognizes serious crimes of violence against women as crimes against humanity Yet authorities in Sudan have publicly refused to cooperate with the ICC or bring those responsible to justice before national courts

Visit and send the following message to the Sudanese Minister:

Dear Minister Muhammad Ali al-Maradhi, I am writing to you to express my concern at the widespread commission of rape and other sexual violence committed against women and girls in Darfur. Despite commitments to combat violence against women and girls in Darfur, the government of Sudan is overwhelmingly failing to investigate and prosecute these horrific crimes. It is essential that all cases are investigated and those responsible brought to justice. All victims should be provided with full and effective reparations. Sudan has signed but not ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. As the Court is currently investigating crimes committed in Darfur, it is important that Sudan ratifies the Rome Statue without delay. At the same time, I urge you to pledge and ensure Sudan’s fullest cooperation with International Criminal Court. Yours sincerely, XXXXXXXXXX

As aficionados of culture and the Arts, we must not forget to be always acting on behalf of cultures everywhere. Those beautiful people around the world creating music, paintings, sculptures, foods, tapestries, apparel, and decor that you so love are frequently suffering under vile oppression in the midst of creating such beauty. A true lover of people does not sit idly by while these beloved suffer needlessly. Rape is a crime against all of humanity.

Taking by force that which is the greatest sacred act of beauty and passion between man and woman is evil beyond words. These women – these treasures of God – will be avenged by their Creator. As brothers and sisters, we are indeed also held responsible to not look the other way, but instead pray for freedom, deliverance, healing, restoration, and comfort. Take action wherever you can. Send an email to an ambassador or prime minister.

Donate some of your fun money to feed, clothe, and care for the starving. And above all, never miss the opportunity to make a difference with people in need all around you.

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