How Do You Socialize and Not Compromise?

One of the greatest challenges Real Food Foodies face is socializing. Nothing kills a friendship buzz like a friend who can’t eat anywhere because everything served is “too toxic.” I mean, pesticides, GMOs, and processed foods are certainly unhealthy. But having lived for nine months with a natural-foods-only family as a teenager, I know how it feels to be treated like a leper (Dr. Pepper was forbidden at the dinner table). Those strong food quality convictions can make for some really undesirable conversations.

Cecil and Prince: A Father’s Responsibility

It is a father's natural responsibility to affirm and approve of his son. It doesn't matter whether you intended to be a father or not. It doesn't matter how absent your father was. Too many men apparently don't want to know that they have the power of assigning value and worth to a child. It's not a sexist statement. Fathers and mothers impart different things to their children.  I am saddened when I hear about Prince Fielder, a consideration for Major League Baseball's NL MVP award, say that he doesn't care about awards except insofar as his father (Cecil Fielder) […]

Good Communicators: When NOT to Speak

Not everyone is a good communicator. That's fairly obvious. What isn't so obvious, or at least commonly discussed, is when it's a good time for even talented communicators to zip the lip. Some of you communicators out there feel entitled to speak at all times, given the fact that when you do speak, people understand what is being said.  Having a gift isn't the same as being mature, however. This is where people get confused. There are many skilled communicators who are VERY immature. There are various reasons for stunted growth in social and emotional areas, and we won't cover […]

So You Think You Can Dance

“So You Think You Can Dance,” one of my favorite summer T.V. shows, is here again. I must say, each year I am inspired anew. Inspired by their beautiful bodies to take care of my own. Inspired by their discipline, passion and strength. For me, most T.V. shows do nothing more than entertain. But with this one, I feel reminded that the world is a stage. Radiance is a lifestyle: a mix of gratitude, confidence, generosity, humility and determination. I want to be radiant. I want to be surrounded by radiant people. I’m blessed in that way, because the people […]

Interpersonal Relationship Tip #1: Choose to Be Unselfish in Conversation

If I had a dollar for every person I’ve met who has yet to grasp this concept, I’d be rich. Why do self-absorbed people never understand this simple lesson? I’m going to spell it out for you in simple English so you won’t miss it this time: Stop always talking about yourself! Okay, now for some elaboration. You’re not off the hook yet. This includes all of you who may not talk about yourself, but you’re only interested in the conversation because someone else is talking about you. If they discuss themselves for very long at all, your mind wanders […]

A Toast to Aaron and Stacy Phillips

As the best man in Aaron and Stacy’s wedding, I offered this toast (speech) at the wedding reception: “Despite the cynicism that weighs down so many men and women of our generation, I am convinced that a man and a woman can, and most definitely should, enjoy a lifetime of love in marriage. Our generation has not bought into the sugar-coated, fairy tale version of marriage sold by the media from previous generations. We are men and women determined to find the REAL, to live the REAL, and to grow old together still insisting upon the REAL. This marriage between […]