July 2011

What is Your ONE Thing?

Day 19 of 30 I just wanted to ask. If there was ONE thing you could do for a living, what would it be? Assume nothing is impossible. Nothing is out of reach.

Whose Brand Are You Promoting? Jesus or a Church

With my minimal web design knowledge, I’ve helped a few small businesses and one church with their design. During the course of discussion and revision, it occured to me that I don’t really believe in promoting church brands. I finished the project and I’m proud of my work, because I gave the church new functionalities and opportunities to reach people. That’s what matters. Would I ever do another ministry / chuch website again? Hard to say. Never say never. I’m all for promoting Jesus and healing the sick and loving the downtrodden. But I don’t agree that you have to […]

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction EVER

[youtube:] What does this say about me? Being a participant in the crunchy movement (whether by association or choice no longer matters), I’ve agreed with many statements that say “Ingredient X is bad for your health because it has been used to kill rodents/roaches/alien babies. Therefore, whatever is used to kill other forms of life must not be healthy or acceptable for human consumption.”

If Your Community Requires Imported Resources for Survival…

Day 14 of 30 You’re living in the wrong place. It’s time to start thinking about the long haul. It is time to be proactive and make decisions that ensure you’re prepared for tougher times. The United States has already skirted one colossal depression in the past five years. We’ve gotten a glimpse into the vulnerability that is our American economy. The uncomfortable reality is that things could swing the wrong way at any time.

Self-Focus Leads to Insignificance

Day 10 of 30 As you can tell, I’m not doing so hot on my 30 Day Challenge. I think that’s three days I’ve missed. If possible, I plan to go back and write short posts to fill in the gaps… sort of a penance.

Why I Care So Much About Health

Day 9 of 30 It’s easy to be lazy, eat whatever’s convenient, and waste my life away watching tv. But each action leads to a habit, which forges a lifestyle. [blackbirdpie url=”″]