What does this say about me?

Being a participant in the crunchy movement (whether by association or choice no longer matters), I’ve agreed with many statements that say “Ingredient X is bad for your health because it has been used to kill rodents/roaches/alien babies. Therefore, whatever is used to kill other forms of life must not be healthy or acceptable for human consumption.”

Exhibit A: Caffeine

According to this video, which was obviously recorded with the highest levels of integrity, caffeine within the coffee plant is a natural insecticide. It kills insects in an attempt to preserve the plant. It’s a self-defense mechanism.

In other words, every time you order a cup of coffee, what you’re REALLY doing is ordering a cup of Black Death. Are you scared yet?


Hmm… Me neither. Could it be that I’m only concerned about ingredients that don’t make me feel REALLY good?

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