Day 8 of 30

Despite the fact that I’ve overloaded some of you with details on new social networks, I’m most envious of people who live relatively simple lives with simple technology. If they have joined a social networking site, they use only one and they don’t care if they don’t update on a daily basis. I envy those people because they’re the exact opposite of me.

Technology today is on a vicious cycle, moving forward at impossible speeds. That anyone stays informed is a miracle, and probably a testimony of how little they accomplish at work.

On a weekly basis, I’m tempted to delete my social profiles and return to a blog-only Web existence. On a monthly basis, I’m tempted to delete my blogs too and just stick with journaling.

I haven’t had many days to unplug this year, and it’s past due. I need to unwind. Seriously. I need it bad.

And who knows? Maybe one of these days you’ll wake up and I’ll be gone without a trace.

One can dream.


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