Self-Focus Leads to Insignificance

Day 10 of 30

As you can tell, I’m not doing so hot on my 30 Day Challenge. I think that’s three days I’ve missed. If possible, I plan to go back and write short posts to fill in the gaps… sort of a penance.

Most bloggers I read will shudder or smirk if they were to read this title. So be it. Truth is true whether popular people like hearing it or not.

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Think about that. If you are striving to be significant, you’ll be so focused on your significance that you won’t be committed to doing things that actually are significant.

This is why Jesus says that the greatest commandment of all is to love. When we love first, our actions are motivated by that love. That means they’re not motivated by ambition. Our actions, then, are free from attempting to bend reality to make us look better.

The most significant people are those who are focused on their purpose and calling. They are living out who God created them to be. They are being most real by walking determinedly down the path God has laid out. Those people use their abilities to make a difference in others’ lives. Hearts are impacted. Lives are transformed. And the person has become significant. Significant for loving. Significant for serving from a genuine posture of love.

Love leads to significance. It is the only path.


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