• Time for Silence

    I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging recently, and have chosen to focus on other areas of life for the time being. I may update sporadically, but for now, if for some odd reason you’d like a glimpse into life at the Potamus farm, stop by Mommypotamus.com and see what we’re up to. God bless.

  • My Wife Just Keeps Getting Hotter

    I thought my wife was hot in college. And trust me, she was. I was all goofy inside when I’d look at her. That’s partly why I married her. I’m not ashamed to say it. I like beauty. I didn’t want to ever feel the need to lie about how beautiful she looks. So I […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day: Take 2

    Confession: I royally botched Mother’s Day this year. I mean ruined the entire day. It was a major milestone in our relationship, and I missed the opportunity to honor my wife the way she should be honored. And so here I am, celebrating you one more time, my beautiful Wifeypotamus, in this Mother’s Day Part […]

  • New Guest Post on God’s Divine Waiting Game

    Check out my latest post on Mommypotamus.com entitled: The Frustration and Pleasure of God’s Divine Waiting Game. It’s a continuation of the theme I’ve been developing here over the past week. The general theme here has been vision, pursuit, prayer, confusion, disappointment, and waiting. A thrill a minute, I tell ya.