Check out my latest post on entitled: The Frustration and Pleasure of God’s Divine Waiting Game. It’s a continuation of the theme I’ve been developing here over the past week.

The general theme here has been vision, pursuit, prayer, confusion, disappointment, and waiting. A thrill a minute, I tell ya.

The rundown

  1. Don’t presume you know all that God wants from you before you graduate to the next thing
  2. Hopeful prayers aren’t the same as faith-filled prayers (faith comes by hearing)
  3. There is pleasure to be had in waiting on God and surrendering to His ways
  4. Godly pleasure can start off being much fainter than worldly pleasure and must be cultivated
  5. He/she who is faithful in little will be made ruler over much

Get the whole story here.

If any of it doesn’t make sense, drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to explain further.

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