February 2006

Paranda: Living Music Nearing Extinction

No music relaxes me like Paranda, except perhaps the Gipsy Kings. Something so organic. So natural. As natural as sitting on the banks of a muddy river in the jungle, watching the sun set over the palm trees. As natural as a little village with dirty children running around, kicking a can or playing some other game while the old men with dark faces like gnarled oak sit idly by, smoking and contemplating something infinitely beyond my comprehension. According to Dan Rosenberg: “Centuries ago, a slave ship crashed near the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. These African men and women, […]

Things I Love About My Wife

you eagerly anticipate becoming the mother of our children you are not only honest, but you hold yourself to a standard of integrity that sometimes shames me you work hard, and you don’t take advantage of me you are gorgeous. your looks kept us together more than once! you are so beautiful that i will always eagerly anticipate intimacy with you you want me to protect and provide for you, without becoming helpless or losing dignity you pursue knowledge of ways to aid the health of the body through nature. you don’t buy into the mindless drivel that says chemicals […]

Know Your Audience

so what does a person from the Philippines or Kuwait look for when arriving at this website? it is an interesting question. people rarely fit into prefitted expectations. they are like square pegs and round holes. yet since i recently added the neo counter tracking system, i can see that i’ve received 82 visitors from 13 countries. 13 different countries, and yet i haven’t been visited by all the English speaking countries. i don’t think i ever will truly understand people. i’d like to know more about you. i’d like to know what brought you here. i’d like to know […]

Remembering Joy

I get the impression that I’ve been depressing some of you lately with my criticisms and derision. I realized my tendency to focus upon the negative aspects of pop culture – i.e., those parts I wish to see transformed. I could just as well promote something useful every now and then to balance the critique. Not that I will likely do so right now, but I wanted to let you know that I will (see, I’m a reasonable fellow). I chose this photo as my immediate icon of joy. I need you to feel a little more of the joy […]

CSI: Culture’s Sadistic Infection

Call it what you will, tv show creators are constantly stretching the boundaries of what society will accept and even enjoy. Some of you are thinking that this is going to be a moral rant, which it is, but it’s more than that. It’s an evaluation of pop culture’s obvious decline. Producers have at least some idea of what the people want. They know that shows challenging the intellect are doomed to flop, so they stick with what sells: sensationalism. I’m referring to that which is sensational, makes you blink or catch your breath, entices you, scares you, and so […]

Matisyahu: Big-Time Reggae

I’m still fumbling for an explanation of why this man’s music made it on my local alternative rock radio station. I got this photo from Rolling Stone Magazine! What?!?! How the hell did he become so spectacular so fast? #1 He doesn’t have an in-studio produced record yet. #2 Nobody around here had ever heard of the guy before. He has no street cred. #3 A song from his live album suddenly gets premium play time repeatedly. 4# He’s a practicing Hasidic Jew. 5# He no doubt now has a bullseye on his chest because he’s an unashamed Jew making […]