you eagerly anticipate becoming the mother of our children

you are not only honest, but you hold yourself to a standard of integrity that sometimes shames me

you work hard, and you don’t take advantage of me

you are gorgeous. your looks kept us together more than once!

you are so beautiful that i will always eagerly anticipate intimacy with you

you want me to protect and provide for you, without becoming helpless or losing dignity

you pursue knowledge of ways to aid the health of the body through nature. you don’t buy into the mindless drivel that says chemicals and prescription meds are the answer to life’s problems

you love fairy tales, and you judge all stories based on the C. S. Lewis Narnia scale

you support me in pursuing my dreams, and you are willing to work through the problems that come with it

you were intelligent and argumentative, even at the ripe, old age of 11

you are an excellent writer – you give yourself far too little credit

you express love in so many active ways that i am not very good at doing

you sleep beside me, chasing away loneliness

your presence in the house makes eases my mind

you are constantly growing and willing to grow

you want to move to another country with me (though apparently not to anywhere without plumbing)

you listen to me and at least sometimes understand what i am saying

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