so what does a person from the Philippines or Kuwait look for when arriving at this website? it is an interesting question. people rarely fit into prefitted expectations. they are like square pegs and round holes.

yet since i recently added the neo counter tracking system, i can see that i’ve received 82 visitors from 13 countries. 13 different countries, and yet i haven’t been visited by all the English speaking countries. i don’t think i ever will truly understand people.

i’d like to know more about you. i’d like to know what brought you here. i’d like to know if you were disappointed or surprised or even bored.

some people treat their blogs like diaries or personal journals. i’ve done that in the past and i’ll do it again. but those people likely only attract their friends. since i have none, i’d like to know why you read anything here (actually, i have a select few friends – don’t worry).

are you here because you are looking for a copywriter? are you here because you were looking for more theories on the television program LOST? are you here because you were trying to find decent bowfishing tips? are you here because you are looking for a social commentary on pop culture? are you here to read my thoughts on metrosexuals? are you here to read my opinions of MySpace? are you here accidentally? are you here to rant and rave about my criticism of Matisyahu?

the possibilities are virtually endless. my topics are so frequently random that i do not know which ones actually bring people here to read. sometimes my writings are random because i am random, and sometimes they are random because i fear limiting myself to one topic. my MySpace blog was more limited to one topic, and i received a lot of positive feedback. but how do you stay so personal when your blog’s web address is listed on your business card? i don’t know. it was either a stroke of brilliance or sheer stupidity.

if you would, take the time to drop me a line. let me know what brought you here, what you read while you were here, and your response to what you read. i like getting to know people. i like hearing their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, desires, and dreams.

must have coffee… i feel like a slug… more later

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