Six years ago (2005), I launched my first self-hosted blog, under new ownership). It was SUPPOSED to be an online bookstore. But I never took the time to locate suitable eCommerce technology that would work for a startup.

Since I put a lot of time and energy into the name and invested a little in the domain/hosting, I decided to turn it into a blog temporarily until I resolved the eCommerce problem.

That’s how all the frenzied blogging began. That was six years ago. Six LOOOONG years ago.

Through all the domain registrations, hosting changes, blog posts written, and twitter accounts launched,

This is where my heart is.

I run away because it doesn’t yield much traffic. I haven’t found my niche. But my heart is here. And my heart is here because a renewed mind tops the list of things I desperately need in this life. 

I’m not going away, and while I may change the voice and approach to this site a dozen more times, I’m here to stay. This site is my mission. My burden. The expression of my hope for a better life.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post: “What I Believe.”