I heard an excellent explanation once about prophetic words of knowledge and encouragement and revelation in general. When God speaks to us, he builds faith in our hearts. It is our responsibility to hold onto that revelation and to talk to him about it. Usually, God gives us a heads up because we need it to stay the course.

There will often come a occasion to believe the exact opposite, which is why he speaks to us in advance. Without that encouragement, we would often believe a lie and doubt his goodness. So when God speaks promotion into your life, be aware that you may face a period where that truth has not come to fullness. In other words, it may not happen immediately and you’ll need to hold on tightly to that word and trust in him before you see it happen.

When promised promotion is postponed, it’s time to return to the quiet place. Make sure you haven’t lost your posture of intimacy and reliance upon him. Sit at his feet and listen for what he wants to tell you. Just enjoy him. Delight yourself in the Lord. He will fulfill his word in due season.

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