• What Is Your Experience with Prophetic Ministry?

    As I continue to “fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of (my) hands”, I find myself wondering what the majority of you have experienced in regards to prophetic ministry. If you’ve attended any churches like mine, you’ve probably encountered it at least once, where someone believes they have heard the Lord speak to them about something regarding you.

    Maybe it was a word of healing. Maybe a caution. Maybe it was a word of encouragement during a dry and dusty time of your life. Or maybe it was bizarre, off-the-wall, and completely offensive or confusing.

    What’s Your Story?

    Whatever the case, I’d like to hear your story. You don’t have to tell me what was said to you if you prefer to keep that private. But tell me your most memorable stories.

    I’ve received several hundred prophetic words since 1996 (and one or two before then) from all kinds of sources. Almost all were within the confines of a church.

    As I continue to hone the giftings God has given me, I can learn from your experiences. I believe the Lord is calling us more and more out into the malls, coffee shops, airports, and restaurants to speak the word of the Lord into people’s lives. I’ve shared a few things with people in public, but I want it to become a way of life. We can begin walking in that direction by having a public discourse on the subject.

    Please share your comments on my website (danieldessinger.com) rather than Facebook. Thanks for sharing your stories!