What if God wasn’t so much an abstract idea to be considered, but a glorious, majestic, and fearsome person to behold? What if we weren’t meant to idly chatter about each other’s misgivings about the religion our ancestors fed us but instead crawled on hand and knee across the desert to find Him?

What if God is a Person? What if God is a Person who feels? What if God is a person who feels the emotions YOU feel?

What if God is everywhere? What if God is in the bathroom while you sit? Or in the car while you drive? What if God is in the exhale you take out in Nature, and in the annoying elevator that takes you to work?

What if God is everywhere because Time and Mass were created within himself? What if we can never escape him because we are within Him somehow, without being Him?

What if you don’t belong anywhere for a reason? What if the reason why you don’t feel like you belong in any job or any social circle is because you were created to get caught up and enraptured pursuing this Person?

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