Our friends Genevieve and Michael of MamaNatural.com stopped by for a visit after Easter Sunday. It’s great to have friends who can identify with the lifestyle and the challenges of a blog-based business. We talked some shop as well as our plans for the future and some what if scenarios


I was sad that we hadn’t had our neighbor and his tractor out to mow the path before they arrived. We keep most of the fields untouched, but we mow a path from the barn to the back waterfall so we can travel with minimal tick interference. Guineas and chickens are good tick control, but they only cover a few acres at most.

Work on the homestead has slowed to a crawl for the time being as we refocus our energies and strategery on the business side of things. Good things ahead, we hope.

I’ll still be rotating the goats and reporting back to you on our experimental version of intensive management grazing for dairy goats (and how we end up milking goats as we move them further and further away from the house).

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