• The “Turn the Wifi Off at Night” Challenge

    Okay, for all of you who insist that there’s nothing to the claims that wifi and cellphone signals are hazardous to your health, I challenge you to a dare.

    The Challenge

    FOR ONE WEEK, turn off your wifi before bed and keep your phone at least two feet away from your body. If you normally put it on the nightstand beside you, put it on the dresser across the room or plug it into a bathroom socket.

    Each morning, tweet how you feel compared to the morning before, and use the #wifichallenge hashtag. You don’t have to buy into anything. I personally have been turning off the wifi for the past two weeks and feeling GREAT in the morning. I fell asleep one night before turning it off, but the rest of the nights I’ve turned it off as I check the locks and brush my teeth before bed.

    What difference should I expect?

    You know how sometimes you go to bed with a certain level of stress and you wake up already in it again? Well, I’ve found that each morning w/out wifi is more still, more calm. I feel like I’ve slept deeper. I’m more rested. It’s like I added an hour or two to my sleep, only I didn’t. And it seems to have a cumulative effect, so doing it for more than two days seems to be even better. I’m sold on it!

    Will you take the challenge?

    I hope so. Looking forward to hearing whether you feel more rested each morning.