You shouldn’t care this much about a stupid game. No one should. But when the #1 team in the country happens to be your home team and they are about to be eliminated from the first round of the playoffs, it’s easy to get emotional.

The game just ended. Dallas defeated Golden State 118-112 due to two 3 pointers and several free throws by Dirk Nowitski at the end of the game. The most notable player, in my opinion, was DeSagana Diop, the seven foot backbone of the team. Diop had the best scoring game of his career, and his rebounds and defense helped a slow footed Mavericks team stay alive to the end.

I gotta tell you, though, I’m tired. Watching this game wore me out. As each free throw was taken in the last three minutes of the game, I felt that I would somehow jinx the team by wanting it too badly. I know. Still, I tried to distance myself emotionally so that the team stood a chance. I don’t think it worked, even though they won. Sadly, tonight’s game only reinforced the painful truth that I do not affect the Mavericks’ game. They win or lose because they rock or suck. That simple.

I guess the only remaining question is, does anyone really believe the Dallas Mavericks can last two more games to win the series? With the lack of motivation I’ve seen so far, it would seem that they don’t care much until they’re on the brink of extinction. That mentality doesn’t win championships.

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